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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

A meteorite larger than Everest is approaching Earth, with 48 hours left

The US space agency NASA has revealed that a very large asteroid (meteorite) is rapidly approaching the Earth. The asteroid is said to be several times larger than Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth.


The speed of this asteroid is 31,319 kilometers per hour. That's about 8.72 kilometers per second. At such a speed, if this wanders in any part of the earth, a very big tsunami can come. Or it could ruin many countries.

However, NASA says there is no need to panic about the asteroid as it will pass about 3 lakh kilometers from the earth. In space science this distance is not considered too high but not too small. Some scientists have even speculated that it may collide with the Earth.

This asteroid is named Co52768. The meteorite was first spotted by NASA in 1998. Its diameter is about 4 kilometers.

The asteroid is expected to pass close to Earth on April 29. Astronomers say the meteorite 52768 takes 340 days or 3.7 years to complete one orbit around the sun.

According to astronomers, there are 50,000 chances of such a collision with the Earth in 10 years. But someone somehow gets it off the edge of the earth.

Dr. Bruce Betseva of the International Group of Astronomers said that asteroids and small asteroids are few meters apart. It comes out of the atmosphere forever and burns. Which does not cause any major damage.

It should be noted that in the year 2013, a meteorite about 40 meters long collided with the atmosphere.

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