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Sunday, April 26, 2020

BRASILIA: The bodies of 100 people killed in a single day in Manaus are being buried in mass graves

Manaus. The Brazilian city of Manaus is now Wuhan. The population of Manaus is about 24 lakhs. But Brazil's most corona-infected patients are here. So far 20 to 30 crore infected people are dying here every day, but now the number has reached 100. The situation has become such that there is no place to bury the corpses of the dead. In it the local administration has dug a mass grave from the JCB, where the corpses can be buried together.

The corpse is being taken away by a tractor

There are also fewer people being taken from the hospital to the cemetery and cremated. That is why the corpse is being delivered by tractor. There are many personnel in the cemetery. Which buries the corpse with the help of JCB. As the death toll rose, employees were also seen waiting for the corpse.

50,000 infected, more than 3,300 dead: Manaus Mayor Arthur Villagio Nieto says 50,000 people are infected in the country, while 3,300 have died.

Family members were also barred from seeing the corpse 
According to local media, the most infected people in Brazil are in Manaus. The situation is such that employees have been deployed to bury the dead. Family members are not allowed to see the corpse.

The figure suddenly increased, the space decreased 

The death toll from the corona has risen sharply, said Mayor Arthur Valgio Nieto. Space is low. That is why the corpse is being buried in a mass grave. The picture of the tomb looks like a horror movie

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