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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Google Lens: Download for free & make Smartphone even smarter

Now Google Lens app is also available on Google Play Store. It exists on the Play Store as a standalone app. If you are Android users then you can enjoy the features of Google Lens app (Google Lens) by downloading this app on your smartphone.
According to the Google Play Store listing, Google Lens will run on Android 6.0 and later operating systems. This app will let users enjoy the full features of Google Lens. Explain that Google lens is like Samsung’s Bixby Vision. Google Lens allows smartphones to have visual artificial intelligence based search.
If you are using Google Lens for Google Photos, then it will scan the image and give you the result obtained from the image. Currently, Google Lens is available for select Android devices through Google Assistant and Google Photos. But now you can download it from Google Play Store as well. Explain that the Google lens has been designed in such a way that it can give a reliable information through visual analysis. As soon as users focus the camera on an object, this app will give information about it.
If Google Lens is not supported in your phone, then you can enjoy its features by downloading it fromthe Google Play Store as a standalone app

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