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Friday, April 17, 2020

Government warning people using Zoom app for online meeting, your phone may be hacked

Lockdown is happening in the country due to coronavirus. In the meantime, people are using the video calling app ZOOM app to connect with each other. This app is being used for video conferencing in most offices. In the meantime, the government has warned people by declaring advisory that this is not safe.

The room fitting app is not a sec

ure platform for video conferences. The government has announced a guideline in this regard. Users who are using the ZOOM application for their own private work. They need to know these guidelines specifically.

Let you know that a large number of people are using this app. So the Ministry of the Interior announces a new advisory, saying that it is not safe for anyone to use the ZOOM application.

The guide line can help prevent strangers from interfering or unwanted activities at the conference. Compliance with the guideline does not affect the way outsiders use and influence others. DOS attacks can also be prevented by password and user access.

According to the Home Ministry guidelines, most of the settings can be done by logging in or downloading the application in mobile or laptop. This setting can also be changed during the conference. But some settings can only be done on a particular channel.

A senior Row ministry official said several questions were being raised about the privacy of the room app. Most servers in tiktok and zoom are in China. And that has many drawbacks, the technical analysis says. That video conferencing app may leak meeting data.

Please do not use this application if there is a business official or government official. A hacker can access your phone from this video conferencing app before the cyber security agency of India Were made aware of that.

Hackers can also hijack video conferencing calls due to password leaks. And you can easily know the private stories of the meeting. It is worth mentioning that the Home Ministry has issued a guideline after receiving several complaints from the Home Ministry.

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