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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

In Gujarat, many patients have tested positive for corona who do not show a single symptom - read here

Among the corona patients currently registered in Ahmedabad, there are more than 125 patients who do not show any physical symptoms of corona being positive. There is no such thing as a fever, cold, cough, sore throat, joint pain, shortness of breath. Such patients are surprised to see their report positive.

Such patients are first admitted to a civil or SVP hospital. The doctors there examine them in depth and decide whether they need to be hospitalized or not. If not deemed necessary, they are transferred to the Covid Care Center, erected at 132-foot Road and raised at the Somers Hostel. The center currently has about 30 patients. Where doctors, para-medical staff, time-consuming TVs, WiFi etc. have been made available.

An ambulance is also maintained for 24 hours. It is worth mentioning here that in the past, patients from Danilimda, Bahrampura, Jamalpur, Safi Manzil, etc., had no symptoms and they started watching the test with suspicion and made such video viral. There was also a huge outcry for not being admitted to the hospital.

Dumbled out to police and Munich officers. If he or she comes to the hospital when the symptoms appear in these patients, they have infected many people around, family and business relationships. Given this, the question is alleviated if they appear to be positive early.

Is there any plan to set up Corona's secluded ward in Shardaben, LG, VS, adjoining Muni, right? Asked, an official said, "Shardaben and LG will be kept for patients with other diseases when VS is needed." The hospital will be used as a hospital in Corona. It is learned that some other private hospitals are being considered by the government.

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