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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Indian scientist did what the world could not do, this way the corona will be detected in just five minutes

Currently the whole world is a victim of the Corona epidemic. The cure for this disease is being discovered all over the world. At the same time testing is very important as one coronary infection can infect many. Then a professor at IIT-Roorkee claims to have developed software that can detect a corona in 5 seconds using an X-ray scan of a suspected patient.


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It took the professor 40 days to develop the software. The software has been patented by the professor and sent to the Indian Council of Medical Research for review.

In this regard, Professor Kamal Jain of the Department of Civil Engineering claims that this software will not only save the cost of investigation but also save time. At the same time, it will reduce the risk of health workers contracting the virus. So far his claim has not been confirmed by any medical institution.

"After analyzing approximately 60,000 X-ray screens, including X-rays of COVID-19 and pneumonia patients, I tested the gap between chest congestion in infectious disease by developing an artificial intelligence-based database," Jain said. I also analyzed a chest X-ray database available at the NIH Clinical Center in the United States.

"Using my developed software, doctors can upload X-ray photos of people," he added. After that the software will not only check whether the patient has any symptoms of pneumonia, but also whether it is due to COVID-19 or any other infection. Apart from this it will also measure the severity of the transition and the result can be achieved in just 5 seconds.

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