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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Lockdown clears India's dirty air of last 30 years, NASA releases pictures

A nationwide lockdown caused by the coronavirus may have affected the country's economy. But the whole country is becoming pollution free. The rivers are getting clean. The Himalayas are visible from Jalandhar. The water of river Ganga has become habitable in Haridwar. This means that the whole country is breathing clean air since the lockdown.

NASA's Earth Laboratory has released images from the last four years showing how pollution has been reduced across the country. Vehicle movement is negligible due to lockdown. Most factories are closed. People are leaving home for necessary work.

This lockdown is helping to prevent the transmission of coronavirus as well as its shocking effect on the environment. The amount of pollution in the country has become very low. NASA is constantly studying it.
The space agency NASA has taken these images via satellite. The level of pollution has come down rapidly due to lockdown. As if the problem of pollution in India is not over, but it has put its stamp on it by releasing satellite images.

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