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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

50% of transporters in Mumbai are Kutchi

By Kanaiyalal Joshi- Mumbai, Ta. 18: The lockdown has had a huge impact on the transport industry. Trucks have stopped for 50 days, with fewer trucks initially moving after the announcement of the lockdown, but then drivers, cleaners and workers began migrating. The transport industry has been on the ventilator since then i.e. Visek Day.

There are more than a thousand containers in Mumbai for handling goods. There are approximately 600 trucks transporting grain. There are about 600 oil tankers. The number of trailer vehicles will be one thousand. All these vehicles are 80 to 90 percent standing. The only reason behind this is that the drivers, cleaners and laborers have left Mumbai. Bharat Danani, executive president of the Mumbai Local Transporters Association and president of the Carting Agents Association, is originally from Kutch.

Bharat, Danani said that more than 50 per cent of transporters in Mumbai are from Kutch, about 50 thousand families get their livelihood in the transport line, at present the situation is such that hotels, canteens, terraces are closed. So they have nowhere to eat on the highway. Mechanical, tire and spare parts shops are closed.

Although their own little work is going on, the driver-cleaners live in Vashi, Thane or elsewhere, since the train-bus is closed I send a car to pick them up from home and drop them off in the evening, my car goes, many laborers spend the night on the road If someone gives them a food packet, they eat it, the rest of our men eat bananas and fill their stomachs! "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not given any relief to our transport industry. No transporter takes a truck without a bank loan," said Bharat Danani.

Because of this you have to pay the loan installments. Right now the income is off, how to pay the installment? Will introduce after the lockdown opens. Demanding nationally to consider the transport industry as an essential service, the line employs 200 million people directly or indirectly, 85 per cent of whose operators are small entrepreneurs who are not able to carry the load in today's situation. Still we will wait for the relief package to sustain our line, we will present it before the Central and State Governments. If there is no proper response, there is no release without going on strike.

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