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Friday, May 15, 2020

Checking in Mangwana, Jiapar as well as Sukhpar: People who did not wear masks were punished

Rules have been framed by the government during the ongoing Corona Covid-13. In which people have to follow the rule of not going out of the house or if they have to leave, it is compulsory to go out wearing a mask or handkerchief or rug on their mouth and nose but some people ignore such rules. Falls out by ear.

People are persuaded by forming village-to-village teams to catch such people and those without masks are given access by imposing a fine of Rs 100. As part of which, in Mangwana, Jiyapar and Sukhpar (Roha) villages where people are seen at different times at different times, the team carried out a surprise check and 7 (seventy-seven) people were fined. One person paid a fine of Rs. . Thus a fine of Rs. 5700 was levied.

Officials from the team briefed the public on how the corona virus was transmitted, and warned that if you go out without a mask, you will be punished for the second time today. During the proceedings, Deputy Mamlatdar, ASI of Mangwana Police Station, Mangwana, Sarpanch of Jiyapar, VEC of Mangwana were present. The team took action on the spot and punished the people without masks.

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