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Friday, May 22, 2020

On the first day in Kutch, Khalikham ST. Ran

Bhuj, Ta. 20: ST in lockdown-4. About 300 tourists from all over the district rushed to Khalikham in ST buses which started on Wednesday after a 59-day break after the buses were given concessions. According to Tantra sources, ST buses, which barely started on Wednesday after the marathon meetings which lasted till late Tuesday night, carried only 300 passengers during the day in the entire district due to lack of sufficient information.

Speaking of headquarters Bhuj, only 28 tourists arrived in the Bhuj-Rajkot bus which took off at 8 am on Wednesday. Against which the income is Rs. 3287, only four trips were run in the district, in which only 22 tourists traveled in which the system cost Rs. Revenue of 5500 was recorded.

While 18 passengers in two trips from Anjar depot to Rs. 597, 5971 from 111 tourists through 32 trips at Mundra Depot, Rs. 3200, Bhachau with 60 passengers in 12 trips approximately five thousand, in Rapar with 22 passengers in four trips Rs. About 1300 revenue went to the system. However, the Mandvi depot manager's phone was no-reply, while the Naliya depot was completely closed. Express fares were collected from every tourist as all the buses of today would stop only at the taluka level. So much so that some of the tourists also started complaining.

However, the Divisional Director C.D. Contacting Mahajan, he said he did not have enough details. He did not even bother to pick up the mobile when contacted to know the details from time to time. Thus, the raw material of the system fell. Meanwhile, S.T. The bus service was started only in the talukas on the 53 routes started by Tantra on Wednesday, in which no passengers from the intervening villages were picked up. Many commuters were in trouble as people from intervening villages had to travel to nearby taluka centers.

These buses have to carry a limited number of 30 passengers to maintain social distance, even if a tourist is without a mask he will not be allowed to travel in the bus. Before boarding the bus, all the passengers were checked with guns and the buses were re-sanitized after each trip.

According to Shri Mahajan, a bus from Bhuj to Rajkot route will take off at 8 am every day and reach Rajkot at 1-30 pm, with Anjargandhidham and New Morbi stops in between. The same bus will not stop anywhere in between, will leave at 8 am the next day and reach Bhuj in the afternoon in which it will stop at the above place.

The masks were distributed to all the drivers by the Kutch Divisional Labor Union following the order of the Gujarat Federation before dispatching the buses on Wednesday morning. Union General Secretary Naresh Vyas said that masks would still be provided to all taluka centers. He was joined by Kirit Singh Parmar, Chetan Pancholi, Lokesh Nakar, Mukesh Goswami and Madhubha Jadeja in distributing masks.


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