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Saturday, May 23, 2020

The leader who made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister will come to the ground to break the BJP state government. Learn in detail

For 71 years, the return of the Congress to power against Kamal Nath has been a matter of prestige. This is why the Congress and Kamal Nath are going to do something in Madhya Pradesh that may shock the BJP in politics for the first time.

Prashant Kishore, who led BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha and Nitish Kumar in Bihar in 2015, could be the savior of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. Six months before the Assembly elections, Prashant Kishor is considering handing over election-related responsibilities. Kamal Nath and his team are considering handing over the responsibilities to Prashant Kishore, though only Rahul Gandhi can make the final decision.

Prashant Kishor has a separate team of his own to work with. Prashant Kishor's team is working on new ideas and techniques for the campaign. As soon as he starts working for any party, Prashant Kishore gives political advice, along with the party's election strategy, who does all the work himself, from key issues to who to stand for election to social media.

Prashant Kishor prepares the main issues according to the Legislative Assembly or Lok Sabha. And Vati also shows the action plan. Prashant Kishor also plans to reach out to voters. Prashant Kishor's strategy also includes how to work as a team without the knowledge of the BJP.

Prashant Kishor's idea was to discuss tea The strategy of portraying Narendra Modi as a tea party gave the BJP a wonderful success in 2014. Prashant Kishor is the person who conveyed the Modi government's campaign to the people with the help of Sacha Parcha and other assembly elections. Even easily spoken slogans have been given by Prashant Kishor, such as Abki Bar Modi Sarkar or Bihar Mein Bahar Hey Nitish Kumar.

What will affect Prashant Kishor in Madhya Pradesh If Prashant Kishor handles Congress politics in Madhya Pradesh, it is reasonable for the BJP to win. If Prashant Kishor comes to Madhya Pradesh, a very good alliance can be seen in Kamalmath's political management and election management.

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