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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This price was decided by the government to bring back the Indians trapped abroad by special plane

The Government of India has devised a grand scheme to repatriate Indians stranded in other countries due to the coronavirus epidemic. The Government of India has fixed a price for those returning from abroad. Those returning from there will have to pay the fare themselves.

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has given this information. He said that the price has been fixed at Rs 50,000 for returning from Europe and Rs 1 lakh for returning from the United States. Up to 64 aircraft will arrive. He said 15 flights would be operated in the first week.

Hardeep Singh said he would have to pay Rs 50,000 from London to Mumbai, from London to Ahmedabad, from London to Bangalore and from London to Delhi. As well as from Chicago to Delhi, from Chicago to Hyderabad about one lakh rupees will have to be paid. He will also have to pay Rs 1 lakh to return from San Francisco and New York.

The central government will operate at least 64 flights in the coming weeks to bring back 14,800 people stranded abroad. The scheme will start from Wednesday. Special aircraft will be sent to America, Kuwait, Philippines, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

Most of these flights will be operated by Air India. The rules will be strictly followed to keep a social distance during their repatriation and 200 to 300 passengers will be allowed to board this special flight.

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