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Friday, July 24, 2020

Ekam Kasoti subject wise details. Exam Kasoti syllabus

Ekam Kasoti 2020-21. Ekam Kasoti guidelines. EKAM KASOTI IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Under the Primary Education Department, GCIRT has planned to conduct unit examination in Std-9 to Std-9 and by Gujarat Secondary Education Board and in Std-8 to Std-12.
According to education department sources, question papers will be sent to DEOs and DPEOs two days before the unit examination.

After the school receives the question paper, it has to print it out and send it to the home of each student in hard copy or online through the teachers on the day of the examination and each student has to make a separate test notebook. In which this unit will have to write the answers of the test. It is expected that the student will write from home under the supervision of the parent for the convenience of the test parent and the student. The purpose of the test is to know the progress of the student.

The unit test will cover two subjects. The question paper of each subject will be of 5 marks. And its duration will be maximum one hour. The unit test will be given by the students from 3rd to 20th at their home as per convenience.
The test notebook has to be delivered to the school by July 31

It is desirable that the unit test notebook written by the students be delivered to the school through the parents by 31st. The evaluation of this notebook should be done by the subject teacher

Currently in the state, due to corona, schools have been given leave till next 30th. In order not to spoil the study of the students during this holiday, the students will be given a PAT i.e. unit test notebook by the class teacher going home every day. Students will be instructed to write one unit test per day in this book.

Special arrangements have been made so that all the students can stay at home and repeat the next annual examination and practice writing. Every day the class teacher of each school has to go to the house of all the students of his school and distribute the PAT (Periodical Assessment Test-Unit Test Notebook).

Students will not have to call the school for this book. In this unit test, even if the students have written the answers incorrectly, they will not have to write again.

 In order to achieve the objective of rewriting all the tests considering that the standard wise subject wise test has been written in the second session.

Ekam Kasoti 2020-21. Ekam Kasoti guidelines. EKAM KASOTI IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Ekam Kasoti 2020-21. Ekam Kasoti guidelines. EKAM KASOTI IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

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