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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Monsoon Damini App: Lightning Alert :Damini app can protect against lightning : How to use

Monsoon Damini App: Lightning Alert
:Damini app can protect against lightning : How to use

rainy season is the bee-wet, wet, conscious and supernatural relationship between Megharaja and Mother Earth. Barkha Rani is the only season that arrives so it is not only known and affected by human beings; It also happens to animals, birds, vines, trees, mountains, rivers and seas. 

The whole atmosphere rejoices with song, music, fragrance and ronak. In the monsoon, nature flourishes with its sixteen arts. However, another form of nature that is so beautiful is also the terrifying Arni Roudra. This Rudra Swarup means the terrifying and frightening roar of the clouds and the thunderous thunder that tears the ears. However, for the common man, thunder and lightning are a natural part of the monsoon. 

Yet why do the terrible thunder of the clouds and the thunder of lightning occur only in the monsoon? What is the activity or process that takes place in the middle of the sky that causes the clouds to roar and the scary flashes of lightning? The common man has no definite knowledge of it, nor does he know the scientific reasons for such a strange natural phenomenon. 

Today we get some technical though interesting information about the terrible form of thunder and lightning. How do lightning strikes occur? According to expert and experienced meteorologists, our sun is responsible for the bizarre and dangerous changes in the weather. That is, the heat of the sun also warms the atmosphere of the area. 

As a result, the air in the area also gets warmer and thinner and rises to the horizon. However, when it reaches the upper atmosphere, the hot air cools down and its moisture forms numerous water droplets and ice particles. Water droplets and ice particles float together in clouds called cumulonimbus floating in the sky. Such cumulonimbus clouds float from the earth to the sky at a very high altitude.. 

Water droplets and ice particles gather in these cumulonimbus clouds and begin to rotate and descend to lower levels. During this process, water droplets and ice particles are naturally charged. That is, it produces an electromagnetic effect and as a result it also generates electricity. Electric current is generated so naturally it also flashes.

 Exactly at this stage another process also takes place. The moment the lightning strikes, the inexhaustible energy generated from it is also released into the atmosphere. As a result, the surrounding air in the sky becomes hot, swells and spreads all around, creating a huge explosion which we call a terrible roar of clouds. 

Damini apps show current electricity in India and around you.

  Damini Lightning Applications has been developed by IITM-Poona and ESSO.

  The applications are monitoring all the electricity activities that are happening especially for all of India.
And if you have GPS. Warn you if lightning strikes by notification. Under 20KM and 40KM.

  Detailed description of the instruction, caution is given in the applications when in the electric field. Strictly what to do and what to do in a particular situation when lightning comes near you for your safety purposes.

The process of thunderstorms and lightning is done in thousands of seconds, which is called thunderstorm in the language of meteorology. Also, as many times as there are flashes of lightning, there is also a terrible thunder of clouds. Sometimes such thunderstorms last for a very long time and as a result the whole area is shaken. 

The children, the women, and the carefree ones all seemed to be roaring at the thousands of lions roaring together. This is called a small sample of the inexhaustible power of nature

Monsoon Damini App: Lightning Alert
:Damini app can protect against lightning : How to use


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