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Saturday, July 18, 2020

What is Lightning : Lightning Facts and Information : How Lightning Works : Monsoon

What is Lightning : Lightning Facts and Information : How Lightning Works : Monsoon

specialized science of the roar of clouds Science is also involved in both of these natural processes. In the monsoon season, when lightning and clouds thunder in the sky, we first see the flash of lightning and then hear the thunder of clouds.

 What is the reason for this? 

The reason is that the speed of light is much higher than the speed of sound. That is, the sound at a speed of 5 meters per second - 115 In - moves. Sound waves travel at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, while light travels a distance of three million kilometers per second. Thus the speed of light is much higher than the speed of sound, so the lightning flashes before us and the roar of the clouds is heard after a while. How much power does electricity have? Meteorologists, based on their in-depth research and studies, also say that cumulonimbus type clouds are the most dangerous and damaging during monsoons as they are closest to the earth at a distance of only 15 km. 

Meteorologists also say that the bizarre natural phenomenon of thunderstorms occurs almost 20,000 times a day around the world. Every moment about 100 lightning strikes from the overcast clouds in the middle of the sky and one such thunderstorm has about 100 million volts or more of electricity. However

 a flash of lightning lasts only one to two microseconds, so it can be seen at a distance of about 30 meters or 150 feet. However, sometimes a thunderstorm is so powerful that it can be felt for one to two kilometers. 

Now imagine the inexhaustible force of nature's storms in the monsoon sky and how terrifying that force is. Mostly after the onset of monsoon or in the rain comes the occurrence of lightning strikes and falls. 

On the other hand, people are silently believing this to be a celestial event or a natural disaster. But do you know why there is lightning in the sky? So we show you that clouds of opposite energy in the sky keep floating and hovering through the air. 

These collide with each other in opposite directions. The resulting friction generates electricity that falls to the ground. Since there is no conductor in the sky, electricity reaches the earth in search of a conductor. Causing damage. After reaching the earth, electricity needs a conductor. Celestial electricity acts as a conductor when it passes around an iron pole. 

At that time, if a person comes in contact with him, his life can be lost. Damaged Tissues are damaged, the effect falls on the body. - The effect of lightning on the human body is many times. Deep burns damage tissues. They cannot be fixed easily. Electricity affects the nervous system. Death from a heart attack. There is a risk of physical disability due to its effects

What is Lightning : Lightning Facts and Information :

 How Lightning Works : Monsoon

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