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Friday, July 24, 2020

When and how to use masks : Organic Face Masks Mouth Cover

When and how to use masks : What kind of face mask gives the best protection

The worldwide increase in the number of coronavirus infections has led to a shortage of face masks and sanitizers. Although the treatment of this disease has not been revealed so far, but the masks of this virus present in the air do not get inside through your breath, for this mask can prove to be effective.

According to a report published in a report, if 50 percent of the population wore masks, only 50 percent would be affected by the virus. Once 80 percent of the population started wearing masks, the virus could be prevented. Wearing masks is especially recommended for those who live in areas with high population.

If you too are looking for a mask for yourself and you have not been able to find a mask due to shortage then you can make it at home too. According to the government's chief scientific advisor, Dr. Shailaja Vaidya Gupta, "Homemade masks are for those who want to wear masks, but cannot find them."

You can make reusable masks at home in the following manner. In this way you will be able to learn how to make a mask from the sewing machine itself

These things will be needed:
You can use any cotton cloth / old vest or T-shirt to make the mask. Let me tell you, the color of the mask does not matter. Before making the mask, make sure that you have thoroughly washed and dried the cloth in boiling water for 5 minutes. Add some salt to the water as well.

Now your mask is ready. Let me tell you, wearing a mask is not only necessary. It is also very important to take care of how you wear the mask. Make sure that there is no gap or space between the mask and your face. Also the mask fits on your mouth and nose. Pleats should go down while wearing a mask. Never wear the mask upside down for reuse.

Even after this, keep a distance of at least 2 meters from people at all times. Wash your hands well after coming home and avoid touching your eyes or face.
Before using and removing the home made mask, take care of a few things:

Why should one use cotton cloth to make masks : Scientists say that many types of household materials have been tested to make masks at home. Scientists released 0.02 μm particles (about 5 times smaller than coronaviruses) at all to test the ability of those types of materials to prevent the virus from entering. In this investigation, they found that double layer of 100% cotton fabric is most effective in preventing small particles. It is breathable as well as capable of making masks easily at home.

When and how to use masks : What kind of face mask gives the best protection 

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