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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Learning Passport: Learning Passport – An Initiative of UNICEF and Microsoft amid COVID19 to promote digital learning

Learning Passport: Learning Passport – An Initiative of UNICEF and Microsoft amid COVID19 to promote digital learning

These days we are all going through a period of severe uncertainty and due to the Kovid 19 pandemic the lockdown is in force in most of the countries of the world. Because of which all the schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed in about 190 countries around the world and the education of 1.57 billion children is suffering a lot. At such times, UNICEF and Microsoft have joined hands to provide digital education to children around the world through the Learning Passport facility. Both of these well-known organizations launched a special personalized digital platform - Learning Passport - on Monday so that children can continue their studies at home even after school-colleges are closed in most countries of the world during the Kovid 19 lockdown. Come, read this article to get more information about it.

 About UNICEF:
 UNICEF, the United Nations Organization (UNO) branch dedicated to the children of the world, was established on 11 December 1946 for the complete development of children from all over the world.  Since 1953, UNICEF has started functioning as Permanent Branch and its full name has been changed to United Nations Children's Fund while UNICEF is abbreviated.

 About Microsoft:
 Microsoft is committed to bringing digital transformation to the intelligent cloud and aims to support all people and every organization in their overall development.

 We can never tie knowledge, information and proper education to the political and geographical boundaries of India and abroad, just like the blowing winds.  Initially, Learning Passport started its work for students / teachers of the educational sector and country and world in partnership with UNICEF, Microsoft and Cambridge University.  Then, after 18 months of relentless efforts, this platform was developed to provide proper education to displaced and refugee children around the world through digital remote learning platform and this digital learning platform during worldwide lockdown  Has been made available globally for all students.  Since the introduction of Learning Passport, students can avail various online course materials, books and video lessons.

 This platform offers a personalized approach to disabled students.  On this digital learning platform, students can access their country's learning page.  In order to be active on the online platform of students and teachers of any country, all the member countries can prepare their digitized syllabus and can also offer the option of local languages ​​prevalent in their country for their students and teachers.  The platform also keeps a record of students' studies and can also provide them with information about the best educational way.  Learning Passport also aims to reduce the gap of digital learning among crores of students.  Nowadays when students are deprived of various benefits of class room teaching, Learning Passport is providing all the necessary learning resources to their students at their home so that the education of these children can go on smoothly even during this lockdown.

 All school and college students are already familiar with online education and learning or have started using online educational facilities during these lockdown days and even after that, all of them visit their country's UNICEF leering passport page.  According to the educational / learning requirement, you can take full advantage of various online passport learning facilities.  Additional support is also available for parents of slow learner students on this platform.  Students of the country and the world can get educational benefits from this online learning passport on 24x7 basis.

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