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Sunday, August 23, 2020

NXT TakeOver Results 2020. NXT TakeOver Results August 22nd, 2020: NXT Grades, Video Highlights

NXT TakeOver  Results 2020. NXT TakeOver  Results August 22nd, 2020: NXT Grades, Video Highlights

The NXT takeover has ended successfully. WWE had booked some good matches here and it can be said that all the matches proved to be good according to Wrestling. NXT Takeover:  was a successful PPV. This has increased the interest of fans for SummerSlam. So we are going to talk about WWE NXT Takeover: Results.

The winner of the match was going to get the match for the NXT tag team title in the future. The match started with tremendous moves. The Mexican Faction showed its charm in the match. Well, Brijango's performance proved to be the best. Hard heating moves were seen in the match and near the end there were also near falls. Despite this, Tyler from Brizango pinned Lorcan with a superkick. With this, he became the winner.

Result: Brijango wins the Triple Threat match

More special storylines were not seen between the two, but still the synergy of the two was clearly visible inside the ring. Thatcher showed his dangerous submission moves and lashed Baylor on several occasions. Finn had a good experience and took advantage of it here as well. At the end of the match Thatcher's side saw a German Suplex but Finn Baylor gained momentum. The former Universal Champion then put on the coup de grace. Also with the help of the 1916 DDT, Baylor won.

Keith Lee dropped the North-American title. This led to a ladder match for the vacant championship. All the stars tried to make the match overwhelming from beginning to end. Dream and Gargano had a great performance during the match.  Grimes burnt his entertaining style in the middle of the match.  Candice Lerre's interference was seen and she fell from the top ladder with the help of Bronson Rid, but Johnny did not get any benefit from it.  In the end, Johnny Gargano and Damian Priest were fighting at the top and both took the championship during this time.  Priest attacked Johnny, causing the title to slip and Damien to win.

 WWE converted a social media feud into real storylines and because of this the match was decided.  Fans did not have much expectations from the match as Pat is not a wrestler.  Despite this, the match proved to be much better.  If seen, Pat did his best to make the match good and on many occasions felt that Cole could be defeated.  Nevertheless, Adam Cole had experience and took advantage of it.  Adam Cole got a big win with the help of Panama Sunrise.

NXT TakeOver  Results 2020. NXT TakeOver  Results August 22nd, 2020: NXT Grades, Video Highlights

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