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Monday, August 31, 2020

PM Modi Gives Another Push to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat thrusts brave army dogs into limelight

PM Modi Gives Another Push to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat   PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat thrusts brave army dogs into limelight   

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen on Sunday through his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat. In his address, the Prime Minister said that during the Corona period the country is fighting on many fronts simultaneously. In his address, the Prime Minister called for self-reliance in toys and mobile games. He said that now is the time for everyone to be vocal for local toys. He also said that all the virtual games have external themes. That is why I ask the young talent of the country to make games for India as well.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed his monthly radio program 'Mann Ki Baat' on Sunday, 30 August. But after seeing the reaction of viewers on the social media platform YouTube, it seems that people did not like it. This is the reason why people who dislike PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' were seen more than the number of people who like on YouTube.

In fact, a video titled 'Prime Minister Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat With Nation' has been uploaded on the YouTube account 'Narendra Modi' named as Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A look at the data of this video shows that where 35 thousand people have liked this video, about 90 thousand people have disliked it. So far this video has received 668,852 views.

The latest data from this 'Mann Ki Baat' video shows that about two and a half times more people have pressed the disliked button than the one who likes on YouTube. Apart from the Narendra Modi YouTube channel, this figure surprises even more if we look at the BJP's channel for the Mann Ki Baat program.

There is a huge difference between likes and dislikes on the Bharatiya Janata Party's YouTube channel. While the Mann Ki Baat program has been liked by 52 thousand people, 392 thousand people have disliked it many times more. However, the event received 1,312,602 views here.

Vocal for children's local toys
Prime Minister Modi shared experiences from the Children's University of Gandhinagar. He explained that "We brainstormed on how to get new toys to the children of India. How to become a very big hub of toy production in India." The PM said that 'You think that a nation with such a heritage, tradition, diversity, young population, should its share of toys in the market be so low, would we like? No, after listening to this you will not like it too. ' He said, "Now is the time for everyone to be a vocal for local toys. Let us make some new types of good quality toys for our youth."

PM Modi's salute to Security Dogs
In this edition of 'Mann Ki Baat', PM Modi also mentioned two brave characters of the security forces. These are Sophie and Vida. Both are Indian Army dogs. These Security Dogs have been awarded 'Chief of Army Staff Commendation Cards'. PM Modi said, "I was told that Indian breed dogs are also very good, very capable. Indian breeds have Mudhol Hound, Himachali Hound, they are very good breeds. Rajapalayam, Kanni, Chippiparai, And Kombai are also great Indian breeds. " He appealed to the people, "Next time, whenever you think of raising a dog, you must bring home one of these Indian breeds.

Center awarded two dozen apps
PM Modi spoke about the App Innovation Challenge in 'Mann Ki Baat'. He said that 'after much scrutiny, about two dozen apps have also been awarded in different categories.'

There is an app, Kutuki Kids Learning App. This is such an interactive app for young children, in which children can learn a lot in math and science through talking and songs. It also has activities, sports as well.
There is also an app for microblogging platform. Its name is Ku - K OO Ku. In this, we can communicate and interact in our native language through text, video and audio.

Ask Government is an app. In this, you can interact through chat bots and get the right information about any government scheme. That too in all three ways of text, video and audio. It can help you a lot.

There is another app, Step Set Go. This is a fitness app. This app keeps track of how much you have gone and how many calories have been burned. And also motives you to stay fit.

PM Modi Gives Another Push to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat thrusts brave army dogs into limelight


Pm PM Modi Gives Another Push to Aatma Nirbhar Bharat   PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat thrusts brave army dogs into limelight

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