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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Suresh Raina Out Of IPL 2020, Returns To India Due To "Personal Reasons"

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) all-rounder Suresh Raina withdrew from the upcoming phase of the Indian Premier League (IPL) citing personal reasons. Now according to the information that is coming out, Suresh Raina's uncle is killed and the condition of aunt and his brother remains serious. According to the information received, on August 20, in a village in Pathankot district, Raina was robbed and murdered along with his uncle. Suresh Raina has left the IPL and returned home.

The team's problems have increased with the return of Raina. Now another batsman has got infected with this disease in Kovid-19 investigation. Earlier, 12 members of his team including T20 specialist fast bowler of Indian team have come positive in Kovid-19 investigation. The batsman who is getting infected is a right-handed top-order batsman and has been a member of the India A team for some time. This player has scored a lot in Ranji Trophy.

The franchise gave information about Raina's withdrawal from IPL on Saturday. "Suresh Raina has returned to India for personal reasons and will not be available for the remainder of the IPL season," CAK Chief Executive Officer Kashi Vishwanathan tweeted. Chennai Superkings will give full support to Suresh and his family during this time. ”It is expected that Raina (33 years) will issue a statement today and give information about it. The franchisee's source said that Raina, one of the biggest players in the IPL, needed to spend time with his family. Raina said goodbye to international cricket on 15th of this month.

The team extended the segregation period to 1 September after 13 positive cases of Kovid-19 were revealed. "Suresh's absence will be a major setback for CSK and along with that he is one of the biggest players in the IPL. In the current time if any player feels 100 per cent," a source attached to the CSK camp said on condition of confidentiality.  Doesn't and has some other essential priorities, no team respects it and CSK is no different from it. "The 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is being held in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic.  Amidst the questions arising, the order of the cricketers to get out of this is going on.

  Many England cricketers had already withdrawn their names from this season being held in the UAE.  Now Chennai Superkings have also got a tough blow.  One of the league's most legendary cricketers, not only the Chennai team, Suresh Raina has suddenly returned to India from the UAE.  Raina is the first Indian cricketer to leave this season.  However, the reason for his return is not clear.  The management of the Chennai team has given information about Raina's return for personal reasons.

 Chennai team gave information to everyone
 The team management of Chennai, through a tweet on Saturday morning, informed everyone about Raina's return.  CEO KS Vishwanathan's statement was tweeted from the Twitter handle of the Chennai team.  Vishwanathan said, 'Suresh Raina has returned to India due to personal reasons and will not be available for the entire IPL season.  Chennai Super Kings will extend full support to Suresh and his family at this time.  Raina recently retired from international cricket on 15 August.  Suresh Raina has scored 5615 runs in 226 ODIs with the help of five centuries.  He has scored 1,605 runs in T20 cricket with a century.

 Suresh Raina Out Of IPL 2020, Returns To India Due To "Personal Reasons" 

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