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Friday, September 18, 2020

Google removes Paytm app from Play Store. Paytm app removed from Play Store because it violates Google guidelines

The famous digital payment service app Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store (Paytm removed from Google play store). According to reports, Paytm's app was in violation of some of Google's policies. Paytm said in a statement that customers can continue using his app and their money is safe. However, other apps of Paytm like Paytm Money and Paytm Mall are still intact on Google Play.

Why the action on Paytm?
Google does not allow any type of gambling or betting app on its platform. The user was being redirected from Paytm's app to a betting app. Google had earlier issued notice to Paytm developers. But with no action, the company has finally removed the app.

Paytm said don't worry
After removing the app from the Play Store, Paytm's favor has also come. In a tweet, the company has asked users not to be disturbed. The tweet said, "Paytm's Android app is temporarily unavailable for new downloads or updates on Google's Play Store. It will be available again soon. All your money is absolutely safe and you can use your Paytm app normally Can be used

A statement issued by Google
On the removal of Paytm from the app store, Product Security and Privacy Vice President Susan Frye of Android Security has released a statement. "We do not allow online casinos of any kind nor support unregulated gambling apps that promote sports betting. This includes apps that direct customers to external websites where they You can win real money or cash prizes in paid tournaments, it is a violation of our policies. "

Google has given a big shock to Paytm. Removed Paytm app from Google Play Store on Friday. Paytm has been accused of violating Google's policy. According to Google, they will not promote any kind of online casinos and gambling apps from their platform at any cost.

On this, Google has said that it will not support any gambling (gaming) app. Paytm and UPI App One97 Communication Ltd. Developed by When searching this app on Google Play Store, it is not visible. However, the app already installed in Android smartphones is working.

Apart from the Paytm payment app, other apps of the company- Paytm for business, Paytm money, Paytm mall etc. are still available on Google Play Store. However, there has been no statement from Paytm about the removal of this app from the Google Play Store.

Google has discharged Paytm and Paytm First Games apps from its Android Play Store. However, other Paytm apps such as Paytm Business, Paytm Money and Paytm Mall are still available on the Play Store. After this move of Google, the question in the mind of the people is whether the Paytm app will be able to pay or not?

Paytm has bypassed apprehensions about this. Paytm has said that those who have an app in their phone will be able to use it in a normal way. If we paid and checked then everything is going well.

Digital payment app Paytm has been removed by Google (Google Play) from its Play Store. Google has also given a big reason for the action taken on Paytm. In its blog, Google has accused Paytm of violating the rules, saying that "We do not support any gambling (gambling), online cash games app".

This action has been taken on Paytm due to violation of its gambling policies in Google.  This includes apps that encourage customers to visit an external website that offers a chance to win money or cash prizes in sports by taking money.  This is a violation of our policies.

Google removes Paytm app from Play Store. Paytm app removed from Play Store because it violates Google guidelines  

Paytm app removed from Play Store because it violates Google guidelines  

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