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Monday, September 14, 2020

School Reopening : 21st September School Reopen Guidelines

School Reopening : 21st September School Reopen Guidelines 

The Union Health Ministry has given permission to reopen schools, colleges and higher education institutions from 21 September. However, the new session in educational institutions will be different from what we know so far. Changes will be far-reaching, from wearing masks or maintaining social distancing.

Who will be allowed to come
At present, students of 9th to 12th grade will be called in schools. If these students want to go to school to seek guidance from their teachers, then they will be allowed. However, for this they have to take written consent from their parents or guardians. Students will also have the option to study online. The schools will only open as support for students who do not have access to online education or are experiencing difficulties.

What will be the way of education
Neither schools nor colleges have been asked to move towards physical teaching. Both will have to continue online education and a hybrid model will be followed. In the official notice, the Ministry of Health has asked both schools and colleges to correct their academic calendar so as to avoid congestion on campuses. According to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), "Academic scheduling should include regular classroom teaching and intermixing of online teaching / assessment."

What will open in school
The laboratories will remain open, but students will have to maintain a distance of six feet. Gyms will be open with limited capabilities. At the same time, swimming pools will be closed in school and college. Prayer will not be allowed in the school at the morning. While exchange of goods between students and between students and teachers will also be banned.

Which colleges and schools will open:
According to government rules, only those schools and colleges that are outside the Containment Zone will be allowed to operate. Students, teachers and employees living in the Containment Zone will not be allowed inside the campus. High-risk employees, including elderly people, pregnant women, people with illnesses, cannot be called to the campus.

What to do before opening school
All complexes must undergo a thorough sanitization process before reopening, especially complexes that have been converted into Kovid-19 centers. Institutions must clean their campuses with substances containing one percent sodium hypochlorite solution. Reopening institutions have been asked to keep a backup stock of personal safety including face cover, mask, hand sanitizer etc. E-wallet etc. can be promoted instead of cash transactions on campus.

Most of the businesses have been exempted in Unlock 4.0. Metro train service has also started in most parts of the country. Now it's the education sector. Health Ministry (Health Ministry) has issued new guidelines to open schools and colleges with certain standards from 21 September.

Students of 9th and 12th will be allowed to go to school to get guidance from teachers, which will be completely at the will of the students. Written approval of parents will be required for children to go to school.

According to the guidelines, only schools outside the containment zones will be allowed to open. Apart from this, students, teachers and school staff living in the contention zone will not be allowed to come to school.

School workers who are in high risk, such as elderly employees, pregnant workers and employees with any medical conditions, extra care will have to be taken. Such people will not be given frontline work.

Entry and exit in the school should be from different gates. While entering the school, there should be a system of thermal scanning and hand sanitizer at the gate. Only those students and teachers who do not have any kind of symptoms will be able to go inside the school.  Separate arrangements should be made for crowd management.

 Teachers in school should ensure that students do not share things like pencil, pen, book, tiffin, water bottle.  Also make sure that both the student and the teacher keep a mask on at all times.

 The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Corona Prevention for the operation of schools, skill centers and higher educational institutions offering PG and doctoral courses.  The Ministry of Home Affairs has given permission to open schools and above-grade higher educational institutions from 21 September.  The SOP states that before opening schools, colleges, skill institutes, they have to be thoroughly sanitized.  However, it will be voluntary i.e. it will be up to the students whether they want to go to school or not.

 Schools or institutions in which quarantine centers were built must be completely transitionless.  Chairs in classrooms will be placed at a distance of six feet.  It will be mandatory for teachers and students to wear masks.  Arrangements for thermal screening and hand sanitizing will also have to be done at the entrance gate.

School Reopening : 21st September School Reopen Guidelines 

School Reopening : 21st September School Reopen Guidelines 

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