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Monday, October 5, 2020

NISHTHA Online Training Program For Teachers. NISHTHA Teachers Training Programme 2020-21. NISHTHA Training Module Nishtha Training Feedback Report

NISHTHA Online Training Program For Teachers. NISHTHA Teachers Training Programme 2020-21. NISHTHA Training Module Nishtha Training Feedback Report

Teachers will be given loyalty training online. Dr. Sarvendra Vikram Bahadur Singh, Director of the State Educational Research and Training Council, has ordered the Diet Principal and District Basic Education Officer to start training in the second week of October.

 He said that in the year 2020-21, fidelity teacher training programs should be conducted online through Deeksha Portal.  Teachers will have to register using their departmental email id and password on the initiation app to complete loyalty online training.  The teachers will be imparted 18 courses in online training.

  Diet Principal and District Basic Education Officer will monitor the training.  The Diet Principal will form a ten-member academic team and monitor the teachers who are taking training.  Teachers will be provided with link to loyalty training module a day before the start of training.  The BSA will nominate one loyalty coordinator and two technical administrators at each block resource center and inform the Diet Principal.  Block education officers will keep an eye in their respective blocks.

 The teachers will be given online training in the training program to be held at the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT).  For this, SCERT has issued instructions that teachers will be trained through the initiation app.  Online training of all teachers and school heads from first to eighth grade on the loyalty module provided by National Research and Training Council (NCERT) will be held from October 6.  This training will be started on personal-social qualities, inclusive education, school leadership qualities, merit-based education.

 Special training to more than one lakh teachers of government schools of Jharkhand started in the academic session 2019-20.  This special training program was started by Union Education Minister Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal in August 2019.  This special training program is known as Nishtha (National Initiative for School Heads and Teachers Holistic Advancement).

 In this training program started under the central government scheme, 102239 teachers of the state were to be trained.  But out of these 102239 teachers, only 69548 were trained.  At the same time, training of 32655 teachers remained incomplete due to Corona.  Now training of these remaining teachers will be completed.  The dates and programs for this training program have been set by the Education Project.  Regarding this training program, the project director has written a letter to all the district education officer and district education superintendent.

 Training program starts from October 5
 Training of remaining 32655 teachers will start from October 5.  Which will run till January 9.  This training program will be run online on the department's digital platform "Deeksha".  The project director has asked all the district education heads to prepare a list of teachers who have not undergone training in their respective districts.  The remaining teachers will be fully trained in 12 modules.  In this, training will be given to subject-wise teachers.  One module will be of 15 days.  The training module will be available in both Hindi and English languages.  Teachers will be able to join the training by choosing the language according to their convenience.

 All teachers of government primary schools will be given loyalty training online this time.  Training will be given on the basis of modules prepared by NCERT and will also be evaluated.  This training will be given from the second week of October.

 Under Sampoorna Shiksha Abhiyan, uniform teacher training is imparted throughout the country.  It aims to increase children's learning output, introduce teachers to innovations in schooling, develop a healthy and safe school environment, develop stress-free school-based assessment focused on the development of learning competencies, use of ICT, children  Improvements in improving numeric and linguistic skills are included.

 Till now it was conducted at the block level but the benefit from this training was decreasing because the teachers and officials were not serious about it.  Videos of picnics or other recreational events in the name of loyalty training were often going viral due to which the purpose of training was not being served.  At the same time, due to being offline, the evaluation is also just like Khanapuri.

 This training will be conducted through the initiation portal.  It will have 18 courses which teachers have to complete in three months.  6 courses will be uploaded on the portal every month.  After completing the related course, the trainee will be evaluated and after getting minimum qualifying marks, the course completion certificate will also be issued online.  For this, a 10-member academic team will also be formed with the deployment of coordinators in each district.  The Director of the State Educational Research and Training Council, Surveyor Vikram Bahadur Singh, has issued the order in this regard and fixed the responsibility of the coordinators from the state level to the block level.

 Under this program, 70 thousand teachers, instructors, mentors and heads of the state will have the goal of making professional development accessible to students through digital resources.  In addition, 18 quality modules have been provided by NCERT for training.  To be made available through the initiation portal in six stages.  Each phase will be of two weeks.  Thus, this training will be completed in three months.  Each teacher is required to complete this module.  Only then will the certificate be given by NCERT.

 Registration link and related message will be made available to the participants through video WhatsApp at the beginning of each stage.  The duration of completion of a module is three to four hours.  Teachers must complete three subjects in 15 days.  In order to maintain the quality of training, participants must ensure understanding and learning while not hurrying to complete the course.  It will be mandatory for all participants in the online course to download the initiation app and get it registered.

 It will be the responsibility of the District Teaching and Training Institute to complete the loyalty online training at the district level by all the teachers of the district within the time limit.  For this, the district level academy coordinator and technical coordinator will be nominated by the Diet.  Diet will also have the responsibility to deliver all the messages, link material received from the state level to the teacher at the appropriate time and similarly make the feedback, problem, suggestions of the teachers available to the designated nodal officer.  A copy of the guidelines available by NCERT and links to training related videos are also being sent to teachers.

NISHTHA Online Training Program For Teachers. NISHTHA Teachers Training Programme 2020-21. NISHTHA Training Module Nishtha Training Feedback Report





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