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Friday, November 13, 2020

Delete these 7 apps from your phone right away, your account may be empty

Delete these 7 apps from your phone right away, your account may be empty

you use an Android smartphone and are a gamer, you will have to remove some apps once again. Dangerous apps are often found on the Google Play Store. Which can harm your privacy and fraud with you. Digital security firm Avast has discovered some apps that target gamers in the Google Play Store. The popular video game Minecraft in particular is being targeted at users.

According to Avast, Fleeceware swindles money from app users. Users are also deceived in mobile through new screens, interesting wallpapers and game modifications. Avast discovered that there are seven apps that are on the Google Play Store and they are Fleeceware apps. Apps in this category offer amazing offers for 3 days on a free trial and then deduct ડો 30 per week from your account.

This app is designed to be fraudulent in such a way that users are not aware of its subscription charges and forget about this app after trial. And this is how apps deduct money from users' accounts. In its statement, Avast said that people who do not read the details of each app before downloading it, easily target this fraud. Young children are at greater risk from this scam. As he easily subscribes and does not read the details.

Avast has released a list of these apps. Some of these apps have been downloaded more than 1 million times. Avast has been advised to remove these apps from the phone and unsubscribe.

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