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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

e-sanjivani OPD National Teleconsultation Service - Get Treatment at your Home for free over all in India

e-sanjivani OPD National Teleconsultation Service - Get Treatment at your Home for free over all in India

Get health services now totally free and also sitting at home you will get doctor's advice and guidance. Beta citizen in any corner of India will get the benefit of this service. Anyone can choose their language, choose their district and avail this service The advantage of this facility is that we can make the diagnosis at home by avoiding unnecessary outings. The doctor can also talk to the patient through video calling.

Its very very user friendly and elegant design. All initial issues are resolved now. We can avoid unnecessary travel to hospital and avoid risk of exposure to covid and other viral infections. All doctors are very sophisticated and knowledgeable. As we can select states language won't be problem at all. We all should make use of it. Hats off to Central & State governments for implementing this initiative.

There should be option to choose languages .. Person who don't know English feels difficult to use app.. After getting token number entering the token number seeing message is difficult. Token number should appear automatically like OTP Whenever Log in tried it shows wait for notification and then log in.. People will definitely uninstall the app after trying log in.. Will wait in queue hub to see doctor but won't wait for log in typing token number again and again..
Patient-to-Doctor Telemedicine/Teleconsultation app of MoHFW, Govt. of India.

eSanjeevaniOPD - the National Teleconsultation Service of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India aims to provide healthcare services to patients in their homes. eSanjeevaniOPD enables free of cost, safe & structured video based clinical consultations between a doctor and a patient.

Key features of this citizen friendly web-based National Teleconsultation Service (eSanjeevaniOPD) are:

Patient registration

Family member registration

Institutional registration (like correctional facilities, Sr. Citizen Homes, Orphanages etc.)

Queue Management

Video Consultation with a Doctor

Instant messaging (text-based)


SMS Notifications

Serviced by Doctors employed

Free Service (managed jointly by State Governments & MoHFW, Govt. of India)

eSanjeevaniOPD-Stay Home OPD has been developed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) in Mohali.

Salient features of this citizen friendly web-based National Teleconsultation Service (eSanjeevaniOPD) is a configurable onlineOPD (no. of daily slots, no. of doctors & OPDs /Specialty clinics, waiting room slots, consultation time limit etc).



-User verifies his/her mobile no. using OTP

-Fills Patient Registration Form

-eSanjeevaniOPD assigns a Patient ID


-User requests a token for consultation

-Uploads health records, if any

-User receives Patient ID & Token through SMS


-Closer to the turn eSanjeevaniOPD sends a SMS notification asking user to login

-User logs in using Patient ID

-Patient enters the clinic and is placed at the end of the existing queue. If there is no queue you will be placed at serial no. 1


-eSanjeevaniOPD assigns a doctor to the patient (time interval depends on the length of the queue)

-As the doctor is assigned to the patient “CALL NOW” button gets activated

-User is required to click “CALL NOW” button within 120 seconds*

-Upon clicking “CALL NOW” within 10 seconds the doctor shows up in video


-Patient consults the doctor

-During the consultation doctor has an access to the patient’s health records (if uploaded)


-During the consultation, doctor prepares an electronic prescription (ePrescription)

-At the end of the consultation doctor sends the ePrescription and closes the call

-ePrescription shows up on patient’s end.

-Patient logs out after saving/printing the received ePrescription

After the call eSanjeevaniOPD sends SMS notification to the patient with a link to download ePrescription

eSanjeevaniOPD is based on eSanjeevani - Government of India's flagship telemedicine technology developed by Health Informatics Group at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mohali (Punjab), INDIA.

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