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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Track Voter ID Application Status Online

Track Voter ID Application Status Online

Carrying on its relentless efforts to build an active democratic citizenship in the country, the Election Commission of India has designed a mobile application to develop a culture of AVD electoral preoccupation and make informed and ethical voting decisions among the citizens of the country. Has taken a new initiative. The app aims to provide a point of service and information to voters across the country. The app provides the following facilities to Indian voters:

Electoral search (verify your name in voter list)
 B. Submitting online form for new voter registration, sending to a different location
     Constituencies for foreign voters in the constituency, constituencies for entries or objections, correction of entries and transfer within the assembly.

. Frequently Asked Questions on Voters, Elections, EVMs, and Results
 E. for voters and election officials. Service and resources
F: Find the election schedule in your area
G: Find all the candidates, their profile, income statement, property, criminal cases
H: Find polling officers and call them: BLO, ERO, DEO and CEO
I: Click a selfie after voting and get a chance to appear in the official voter helpline app gallery.
J: Download the list of contesting candidates in PDF format and take a print out.

The primary objective of this card is to improve the accuracy of voter lists and help prevent electoral fraud cases. Additionally, it also serves as an identity proof when individuals cast their votes. This card is commonly known by other names such as election card, voter card, voter ID, etc.

registration process:
Form 6 has to be filled. Voters who have migrated from any other constituency and first-time voters must also fill out this form.
In case of NRI voters, Form 6A has to be filled.
In case of voter list deletion or objection, Form 7 has to be filled.

In case of any change in gender, type of relationship, relative's name, age, date of birth, address, EPIC number, age, photo and name, Form 8 has to be filled.

You will need to fill two copies of Form 16. The form is available in the offices of booth level officers and Electoral Registration Officers / Assistant Election Registration Officers. The form is available free of charge.

When you go to meet the Electoral Registration Officer / Assistant Electoral Registration Officer, you have to provide filled-in forms and documents. You can also send them to the booth level officer through post.
In case of any query, you can call 1905.

The voter ID card is one of the most important documents required for Indian citizens as it enables them to meet their voting fees. Voting is the foundation of a democratic country and it is compulsory for every person to do so. There are some things to new keep in mind before

Voter ID will have to be applied.
Applicants have to be above the age of 18 as it is legally impossible for them to vote otherwise.
They should be of sound mind and should not go bankrupt.

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