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Thursday, December 31, 2020



And the errors that occur after the experiment is completed are compared.  This determines how successful the experiment will be.  The nature of this assessment depends on the nature of the problem.  (1) Findings, results and implications: The findings at the end  the experiment are shown.  Here's a look at some of the things that have changed since then.  In the end the whole task is to show what the result was.

  If the experiment is not successful, the reason for not finding it is determined and revised Action Research or Action Research Cycle - 2 is used.  If the experiment is successful the remedy tried here will be used in type of future work.  Conclusion: Thus, with the help of functional research the teacher can improve the quality of his work.  Can find a solution to their problem in the context of their own situation.

Elementary school teachers can solve this problem with the help of active research.  After reading the issue, Modi also equips teachers for the 21st century. In this magazine, it happens that if I give questions, information, etc. in my school regarding the ability-centric curriculum of Std-7, I will give a very innovative experiment to the teachers.  The picture will be useful.  By Child's Friend's article, - Pannalal Shah, Chirava, Dist.

A lot of things can be understood through the Vadodara Child Picture.  Looking at this.  I really liked the article "One Minute".  Our congratulations to Thackeray for drawing pictures like Labhshankar.  Ghanshyamgiri Goswami, Jalalpur, Give Bhavnagar cards to students and write their names. If writing is good, why is it called bad?  This can only simplify the fox task.  And Fulanji is not talking about crows but the truth - Pushpabahen Parmar, Khambolaj Dist.

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