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Monday, February 15, 2021

School open News Today

School open News Today

Thursday, February 14 in state schools

6th to 8th standard classes will be resumed 

Government of India Guidelines for Corona Transition Control
Guidelines of the State Education Department dated January 8, 2021 

Schools must strictly adhere to Bay 

Decision of State Government to resume Std. 6th to 8th classes in the long term interest of the students as the prevalence of Corona transition in the state is declining
Online education system by schools will remain the same

The educational work of Std. 10-12 and the last year of graduation and post-graduation has been started from 11th January as an approach by the state government to gradually resume the teaching work of classrooms.
Std. 9 and 11 classes have been started from 1st February

First year classes of college started from 8th February 

Class of Std-6 to 8 will start from 14th February. 
Attendance of students in Std. 9th to 12th classes gradually increased - 90% students joined classroom education.
Giving more details regarding this resolution, Education Secretary Shri Vinod Rao said that with the commencement of physical education work in all the board's primary schools in the state i.e. Std. 6 to 8, such schools should follow the guidelines of the Government of India for controlling the transition of corona.  Strict adherence to the guidelines issued on January 8, 2021.

For this purpose, instructions have been given to all the District Education Officers as well as Primary Education Officers to ensure that the schools comply with the SOP, said the Education Secretary. 
He added that the state government has decided to re-open class 6 to 8 classrooms in primary schools keeping in view the long-term educational interest of the students as the transition to corona has now come down due to intensive work of the state health department.

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