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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Action plan prepared for planning of repeater examination of Std. 10-12

Action plan prepared for planning of repeater examination of Std. 10-12

Bhavnagar: When the Board of Education is going to start the public examination of repeater, private and separate students of Std.  And necessary instructions were given to those responsible.

 In the public examinations conducted by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Gandhinagar, the examination of repeater, private, separate candidates of Std.  For the purpose of planning, a coordination meeting was held today under the chairmanship of the District Collector.  An action plan was prepared so that the student could write the paper confidently and fearlessly in the examination.

A total of three zones will be worked in the district in Std. 10 examination.  So two zones will be worked in Std.

 In the next Std. 10 examination, seating arrangement has been arranged for 6 students of the district in 6 blocks of 112 buildings.  So arrangements have been made for 4 students of Std. 12 general stream in 3 blocks of 6 buildings.  While for 1008 students of Std. 12 Science stream, examination has been organized in 4 blocks of 6 buildings.  Thus, when a total of 215 students of the district are appearing for the examination, the examinee, guardian, teachers should get guidance and control room at the office of the district education officer regarding confusing questions will be started from 15th July as well as complete examination under strict compliance of SOP of health department.  Arrangements have also been made to take it.

In one block, instead of 30, 20 students will be accommodated

 In view of the Corona epidemic, 30 students will be seated in one room instead of 50 in the board exams and the seating arrangement will also be adopted to maintain the social distance and due to this system the number of blocks had to be increased.


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