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Friday, July 30, 2021

Caution / Finance Ministry will provide 1.3 lakh per month

Caution / Finance Ministry will provide 1.3 lakh per month! 

A message is rapidly circulating on social media, saying that the finance ministry pays Rs 1.30 lakh per month.  This assistance will be provided for the next six months.  That is, each person will get Rs 7.8 lakh.  A link has been shared with this message.  It is also said that do not miss this opportunity and register by clicking on the link.

The PIB Fact Check team tried to find out the truth of this message and found that it was fake.

Tagging the finance ministry, he said fraud was being perpetrated in the name of emergency cash.  No such scheme is being run by the Ministry of Finance.  It is completely fake.  In that case, do not believe this message or send it to anyone.  If you also receive such a message, then do not click on this link and avoid providing personal information.


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