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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Dream: Modi government giving government job to one member of every family

Dream: Modi government giving government job to one member of every family

Many have lost their jobs in the Corona period.  The situation is such that people are being cheated in the name of jobs.  Many are referring to the state government's plan while some are referring to the central government's plan.  An alleged government scheme called 'One Family, One Job' has also come under discussion on social media recently.  Referring to the scheme, some on social media are writing that the Modi government at the Center is currently giving government jobs to one member of each family.

A YouTube channel is claiming that, 'One Family, One Government Job Scheme 2020', the Prime Minister has implemented his ambitious One Family One Job Scheme.

Under which the state government will provide government jobs to at least one member of each family.  There is an atmosphere of great happiness among the youth of the country after the implementation of this scheme.

 The truth of what is ultimately

 When the fact of this viral news was checked, the fact came to light that a family does not run such a scheme called a job. The government has not even made such an announcement.  No news channel, media or newspaper has ever mentioned the scheme.

 This false claim of giving a government job has been circulating on social media since last month.  That is why the PIB has checked its facts and this claim has also been refuted by the Information Department.

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