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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Gandhinagar | CM Vijay Rupani to make important announcement, to help children

Gandhinagar |  CM Vijay Rupani to make important announcement, to help children

Children who lose a parental umbrella during the Corona period will receive assistance from July.  State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani will distribute aid to children today.  More than 776 children have been registered.  This assistance will then be credited to the children's account or to the Guardian's account.

 The state government will provide monthly assistance of Rs 4,000 per child.  The benefit of assistance will apply from the time the child is orphaned.  Children will also be paid arrears of assistance.

 175 children lost their parents in Corona, Gandhinagar district

 175 children have lost their parents in Corona in Gandhinagar district.  Some of these children have lost their mothers and some have lost their fathers.

There are 139 children whose father has died.  There are 25 children whose mother has died.  The number of orphans who have lost both mother and father is 12.

 It may be noted here that a cabinet meeting has been organized at Gandhinagar today under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.  In which the issue of rains as well as irrigation will be discussed.  Apart from this, the ministers of the state government will present the report of the district tour to the Chief Minister.  The issue of development works in Manpa and district area will also be discussed.  The issue of rural employment will also be discussed at the meeting.

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