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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Schools will have to provide free condoms to students of standard 5 or above, after government order

Schools will have to provide free condoms to students of standard 5 or above, after government order

Schools are set to reopen as the effects of the Corona epidemic subside.  In a situation where the emphasis is on getting the education system on line, at the same time a kind of order has been passed in Chicago, USA, which has caused a stir on social media.  A new policy has been implemented in Chicago schools, under which schools will have to provide free condoms for children of class 5 and above.

 That is, under this new policy, schools will provide condoms for children up to 10 years.  At the same time, after this order, there has been a huge reaction on social media.  The children’s parents and people are calling it a shameful and sick mentality.

Rathyatra cannot be held on public roads in Rajkot

 It is to be noted here that the Rajkot Rathyatra which is held every year has been changed this year.  That is, there will be no rathyatra on the city highways this year by the ISKCON temple.  Rathyatras will not be taken out on the highways due to the Koro epidemic.  But the rathyatra will start in the temple's Patangan.  Only monks will be present in the procession that will leave the temple.  Devotees cannot be present in this rathyatra.  This rathyatra of God has been organized for the last 20 years.  This time it has been changed due to the Corona epidemic.

 It is worth mentioning that Ta.  Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath will be held on Monday 12th July.  The city police has already been equipped with this.  The city was also patrolled by the police while a police briefing of 3000 policemen was held at Dariapur police station.  Local police, SRP and home guard personnel will be informed about the area and the route of the rathyatra.

According to a news report, the new policy was supposed to be implemented in December 2020, but it could not be fully implemented due to the closure of schools due to the Koro epidemic.  The new policy calls for schools in grades five and up to have a condom availability program.

 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) said free condoms will be provided by Chicago Public Health in a continuing effort to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among students, including HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies.

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