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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Download Official PressNote School Open

Download Official PressNote School Open

Flat surfaces like paper, black board etc. are introduced in these three dimensional cars using Bhadar (pattern).  વિવિધ Constructs various quadrilaterals using diagrams and scales. Finds the vertex and other axes, tables and verifies with the help of formulas using graphs and commas.  The area of ​​the polygon is planted.

  Pana finds the surface and volume of cars and cylindrical objects.  Predicting the probability of a previous event or a future event, Roarks such as Pvt.  Draw column graphs and circle graphs and interpret them.  And unwrap the coins frequently.  .  Evaluation in Mathematics at Primary Level: Evaluation of Potharmic Tab or Mathematics Learning should be based on how Baval Ko learns. These issues should be taken into consideration for evaluation. 

 Understand how a child learns math. The development of mathematical concepts and their application in everyday life, the development of social inner qualities in children, let us now discuss how mathematics can be widely evaluated.  Which are presented in this work below.  Should the phone be evaluated?

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Women Special Reads

Women Special Reads

The Married Women's Protection Act (MWP act) is designed to protect married women.  This is a kind of welfare law.  In which women are mentioned as an officer connected with social welfare.  The MWP act was enacted in the year 1874.  The purpose of this law is to give married women the right to own salary, earnings, property, investment and savings.

The husband is not entitled to any such earnings of the wife

According to the MWP act, if the wife receives any kind of interest through investment, savings, salary or property, the husband cannot take part in it if the interest is earned.  This rule was made so that if a woman gets any property from her family before marriage, her right of ownership can be protected.  If a woman has inherited property from her relatives or creditors and earns interest on it, then she will have full right over it even after marriage.  The husband cannot sue her.  It is different if the wife voluntarily gives the husband a share in the earning of interest.

 Section 6 of MWP act

 Section 6 of the MWP act states that if the husband takes out an insurance policy and the wife makes the children a beneficiary in it, the full benefit or bonus of the policy will be given only to the wife and children.  No member of the husband's family can be a partner in it.  This means that after the death of the husband, the wife and children are entitled to all the financial benefits attached to the insurance policy.

 If the husband takes out an insurance policy in the name of his wife and children, it is clear that both will be his legal heirs as his beneficiaries.  However, the wife has to be registered as a nominee in the policy.  Legally this work is legal and necessary.  Then there is no legal hurdle and the wife and children are the natural nominees.

The right to an insurance policy

 Some special provisions have been made for taking insurance policy under MWP act.  Under this Act, the husband takes the policy in the name of his wife and children and after his death all the benefits of the policy are given to the wife-children, so that the family does not have to bear the burden of debt in incomprehensible situations.  This provision has been made in the MWP act to cover the expenses of the family from the rupee of Death Benefit and Bonus etc.

 Different provisions have been made keeping in view the financial security of the nominee.  In the year 2015, the rules of insurance have been changed and the option of 'Beneficial Nominee' has been given, in which the policyholder can register the name of the spouse, parents and child as the nominee.  The benefit of insurance is given on the basis of these names.  Under it, the policyholder can nominate more than one person if he wants and can share in advance for all if he wants.

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Lord Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP photos Best collection

Lord Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP photos Best collection

Lord Krishna Janmashtami Whatsapp DP With Your Name.Happy Janmashtami Wish Card With Custom Text.Generate Name Greeting Online.Religious Festival Pics With Name.Lord Krishna Plying Cute Greeting With Name.Customized Janmashtami Mobile Greeting With Your Name.Enter His or Her Name on Beautiful and Designer Greeting Card of Happy Janmashtami Celebration Special Nice Greeting and Share or Send on Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and Reditt.Whatsapp Profile Display Picture on Lord Krishna Birthday Wishes With Custom Quotes and Your Name on it.Janmashtami Celebration Special E-Greeting Card With Joy and Happiness Quotes.

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Shravan Vad Aatham (Krishna Paksha: Tithi Janmashtami) is a very celebrated festival all over India. It is also known as Krishnajanmotsav. Janmashtami is celebrated as an annual festival of Hindus.

The festival falls on the eighth day of Rakshabandhan. On this day people celebrate grandly at home and in temples. People also decorate Lord Krishna's Gokuli at home and fast all day and offer 56 different offerings.

The festival is celebrated grandly in Dwarka and Mathura. People are immersed in Krishna devotion. Lord Krishna was born at 12 o'clock on the night of Janmashtami.

God krishna i love his name and all activity also dvarkadhish,maadhav,radha krishna,mohan,yadav,vasudev,devaki nandan,yashoda lalo,So at 12 o'clock in the night, people celebrate the anointing, worship and Aarti of Lord Krishna in the temple and also in the houses.

              The Matki Fod competition is also held on the city roads on this day. A very nice view of it can be seen in Mumbai. The song "Govinda Ala Re Ala Zara Matki Sambal Brijbala" resounds all day long. A large number of people enjoy this matkifod. Prizes are also kept for the Matki Fod competition

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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Special statement of Pradipsinh Jadeja regarding approval

Special statement of Pradipsinh Jadeja regarding approval

Regarding the approval of DJ in Ganesh Utsav, he stated that the decision regarding the approval of DJ will be taken in the core committee meeting.  Guidelines have been issued for Ganesh Utsav.

Statement by Minister of State for Home Pradipsinh Jadeja
 Statement regarding DJ's approval in Ganesh Utsav
 CJ committee meeting to decide on DJ's approval: Pradeep Singh
 Minister of State for Home Affairs Pradipsinh Jadeja said in a statement regarding the approval of DJs at Ganesh Utsav that a decision on the approval of DJs would be taken at the core committee meeting.  Guidelines have been issued for Ganesh Utsav.

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BharatCaller : Caller ID Spam Block ID Caller APK

BharatCaller : Caller ID Spam Block ID Caller APK

Bharat Caller ID is 100% Made in India Caller ID App for identifying and unknown calls. It works like a Caller ID app. Bharat Caller ID can display Caller ID name when you receive unknown calls.

Bharat Caller ID has more than 50 million user database and over 1 billion numbers data from global community. It is the only app you need to make your communication safe and smart.

Caller ID
Using the most advanced BharatCaller ID app to find out who is calling you, it can identify most of unknown incoming calls with caller name. You can get caller details immediately as well as decide whether to answer the call.

Smart Call Log
Shows in detail with the caller name in recent call history. Including the missed calls, completed incoming and outgoing calls. No unknown phone numbers anymore.

Phone Number Search
Search for any phone number with our smart search system. Use the phone number lookup app to see who called me. Easily to see the real Caller ID !

 Offline database
Identify unknown calls and messages without internet access. Offline database is available in India, Egypt, Brazil, USA & Saudi Arabia…etc. Display Caller ID without internet.

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Janmashtami - Krishna wants to buy cheap gold once again from

Janmashtami - Krishna wants to buy cheap gold once again from

The Reserve Bank of India has launched the sixth scheme of Sovereign Gold Bonds for the current financial year.  Subscriptions for this will start from 30th August, which will last till 3rd September.  Gold - The issue price for gold bonds has been fixed at Rs 4,732 per gram.

Applications for this will be open from Monday.  There will be a separate discount of Rs 50 per gram for online or digital payments.

The government, in consultation with the Reserve Bank, has also decided to give a rebate of Rs 50 to investors who apply online and pay digitally.  According to the RBI, the issue price of gold bonds for such investors will be Rs 4,682 per gram.  Earlier, the government had announced the issuance of government gold bonds in six installments between May 2021 and September 2021.  The RBI issues bonds on behalf of the Government of India.  Bonds are sold through banks (excluding small finance banks and payment banks), Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL), designated post offices and recognized stock exchanges through the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and BSE.

 Sovereign Gold or Paper Gold

 Sovereign Gold Bond is a type of paper gold.  Because writing on paper allows you to invest in gold.  The price of a bond is determined by the weight of the gold.  In other words, the price of a bond will be the same as the price of physical gold in the market.  This rate is determined by the price per gram of gold.  The value of the bond will be equal to the number of grams of gold.  If you sell it, you will get the right price for gold.

 These bonds also earn interest.  2.5% interest is available on the issue price of Sovereign Gold Bonds.  The maturity of the bond is 8 years.  If you sell a bond after maturity, there is no need to pay any tax on the profit.  In this way, there is no tax on the interest earned on the bond every 6 months.

 Maximum investment limit up to 4 kg gold

 An investor can buy gold bonds ranging from 1 gram to 4 kg in a year.  According to the Reserve Bank, the value of gold bonds is determined by the purity of 24 carat gold.  The scheme was launched by the Reserve Bank in 2015.  According to a statistic, the Reserve Bank sold about 65 tonnes of gold last year.  Paper gold i.e. sovereign gold bond has been introduced so that people do not keep physical gold in their homes and people can earn on gold.

 Six major benefits of investing in gold bonds

 Assured Return Nature - Investors in Sovereign Gold Bonds will earn an interest rate of 2.5% per annum.  This interest will be available on a semi-annual basis.
 Exemption from Capital Gains Tax: There will be no capital gains tax on redemption.
 Loan Facility: Can be used as collateral for loan.
 No storage problems: Storage is not a problem like safe, physical gold.
 Liquidity: Can track on exchanges.
 Exemption from GST making charge: Unlike physical gold, there is no GST and making charge.

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Saturday, August 28, 2021

virus, Cleaner APK Download 2020

virus, Cleaner APK Download 2020

Ensure against infections and different sorts of malware with Avast Mobile Security, the world's most confided in free antivirus application for Android. 

Ensure your security by getting alarms when spyware or adware-tainted applications are downloaded onto your gadget. Secure your gadget against phishing assaults from messages, calls, tainted sites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to protect your internet perusing private and, just as to get to your preferred paid web-based features when voyaging abroad.

The Modi government often issues employment schemes through which you can easily get employment and at the same time take a loan from the government for capital.  Schemes like MNREGA and Prime Minister's Employment Generation Program provide employment to the unemployed in our country.

Apart from this, the central government also has some schemes like Deen Dayal Upadhyay-Grameen Kaushal Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Deen Dayal Upadhyay Antyodaya Yojana, PM Swanidhi.  Very useful.  So let's get some information about the eligibility, conditions and benefits of these schemes in this article today.

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GISFS Ahmedabad Recruitment for 2000 Security Guard Posts 2021

GISFS Ahmedabad Recruitment for 2000 Security Guard Posts 2021

Total No of Posts: 2000 Posts

You can find other details like age limit, educational qualification, selection process, application fee, and how to apply are given below, for jobs Updates, Technology Tips and General Information Updates, remain with us avakarnews Please share with your companions this Post,Keep checking  regularly to get the latest updates.

Poosts Name: 
Security Guard (Exman)

Educational Qualification & Other Details:  Please Read Official Notification.

How to Apply
Interested and Eligible Candidates may Apply Online Through official Website-

Starting Date for Submission of Online Application: 27-08-2021

Last Date for Submission of Online Application: 15-09-2021

GISFS Advertisement :Click here  

GISFS Apply Online :Click here 


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Friday, August 27, 2021



What is the truth?  . Avi ul.  Modi Ki- Guni Nar.  Respect the mouth of the family, make them thick with a ray page, such as a step-by-step method.  His da.  ત.  9459 to 25th,, 95% MT DB - 50 game focus 345035 to Dmal 9M00-25 = 363, 025 56 592 = 3 HK Medal * * 7, Gets an understanding of what works.  Sec.  (Appani is K1 However, A! Pel swallows Pune and its scene, Ra'goom - is (made.  In the same way Dahe converts numbers into fractions. 

For example, length and common, Beckum is subtracted. Up to 10 meters =; 't is half a rupee = 5 rupees  Ladhukon, Jupiter who classifies in Kotkon and shows the delay of this 'Nupuja'.

 Uses long e, weight and size urine and small units, ... converts large units into smaller units and converts smaller units into larger units.  About 20 quarts of water comes out of a filled call., 

Uses four basic mathematical operations to solve problems related to money, length, force, capacity and duration. Standard ૬ Medium ૫.  Find the solution of a large number of problems using the subtraction multiplication division.

With the help of rice, the number is classified into even, odd, divisible, indivisible, etc.  Sa.  A.  And l.  Sa.  A.  Uses in a particularly appropriate situation.  Solve problems of addition and subtraction of whole angles,Uses fractions and decimals in different situations like money, length, temperature etc.  E.g.  (1) 7% meter long cloth.  (2) The distance between two places 112.  Is 5 km.  Etc ...

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Farming Technology: Even if you don't have land, you can do business

Farming Technology: Even if you don't have land, you can do business

Farming Technology: The Modi government is constantly promoting modern technology in the field of agriculture.  More than 22.91 crore Soil Health Cards were distributed to the farmers of the country.  More than 5.13 crore farmers are registered on the mobile Kisan portal and more than 1.71 crore farmers are registered on the National Agricultural Market (eNAM) portal.

 Let me tell you that if he wants to open a lab in the village, he can submit his proposal to the Deputy Director of Agriculture, Joint Director or his office in the district.

Also it can be contacted on the website  and .  Further information can also be obtained by contacting Kisan Call Center (1800-180-1551).

 Let us know about Soil Health Card

 According to information released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture, rural youth between the ages of 18 and 40 can apply for the scheme.  Only youngsters who have passed matriculation with science subject from agri clinic, agri-entrepreneurial training with second class can apply.

 Under this scheme, soil condition is regularly assessed by the State Governments every 2 years to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies in the soil.  300 per sample is being provided by the government for taking soil samples, testing and issuing soil health cards.  Due to lack of soil testing, farmers do not know how much fertilizer should be applied.  The yield is also not good due to excessive application of manure.

 Out of the money provided by the government, Rs 2.5 lakh will be spent on purchasing testing machines, chemicals and other necessary items to run the laboratory.  The purchase of computer, printer, scanner, GPS will cost one lakh rupees.  It is the government’s effort that just as people check their health, they should also check the land.  Soil Test Laboratory can be started in two ways so that the fertility of the soil does not decrease.

 The first method is to open a lab by renting a shop.  Apart from this another laboratory can be built, carried around.  It is called Mobile Soil Testing Lab.

 This lab is in high demand

 At present, there are 7,949 small and large labs in the country, which may be inadequate for farmers and farms.  The government has approved 10,845 laboratories.  Vinod Anand, a founding member of the National Farmers Federation, says there are 14.5 crore farming families across the country.

 Such a small number of laboratories will not work in this situation.  There are about 6.5 lakh villages in India.  In such a situation if we look at the current number there is one lab in 82 villages.  So at least 2 lakh laboratories are needed at this time.  The reason for the lack of laboratory is that the test is not done properly.

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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Vaccine Campaign | Rupani government's big announcement

Vaccine Campaign |  Rupani government's big announcement

Vaccination camps organized in all schools and colleges of the state
 Vaccines will be given to students above the age of 18 years of school and college
 Vaccines will also be given to employees-teachers-families
 Corona vaccination campuses will be organized in school-colleges of all the districts of the state.

The organization of such camps will cover school-college students above the age of 18, employees eligible for vaccination, teachers and their families under corona vaccination.  The decision was taken at a meeting of the core committee chaired by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, Energy Minister Saurabh Patel, Chief Secretary Anil Mukim and senior secretaries.

 Plan to vaccinate all teachers and professors by Teacher's Day

 The state government has decided to set up this system in Gujarat as well following the guidelines given by the Government of India to the states to cover all teachers under Corona Vaccine Safety Cover by September 5th, Teachers' Day.  In this regard, Additional Chief Secretary, Health Department, Manoj Agarwal said that the Chief Minister has instructed the core committee to allocate additional quantity of vaccine to the districts for corona vaccination camps in schools and colleges.

Complete education work is about to start in Gujarat

 It has been decided to start standard 6 to 8 schools in the state.  Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that classes 6 to 8 in the state will start from September 2.  More than 20,000 government-granted primary school classes will begin.  The educational work of an estimated 32 lakh students studying in classes 6 to 8 in Gujarat will start from September 2.  Students with 50 per cent capacity will be called to schools.  At present, the educational work of standard 9 to 12 is going offline in Gujarat.

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Temporary promotion | Pradeep Singh's big announcement:

Temporary promotion |  Pradeep Singh's big announcement:

Important decision of the state government to take up unarmed ASI
 677 ASI promoted for 11 months as PSI ad hoc
 'Decision will further improve law and order situation'
 Minister of State for Home Affairs Pradipsinh Jadeja, while making a big announcement regarding the promotion, said that in order to implement the measures to strengthen the law and order situation in the state more effectively, under the guidance of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, 8 unarmed ASIs of the state should be given ad hoc PSI for 11 months.  Has been decided for.

The police manual has provision for temporary promotion
 In which there is a provision to give ad hoc promotion to unarmed ASI on temporary basis in Gujarat Police Manual and accordingly it was announced that non-armed ASI will be given ad hoc promotion as PSI on temporary basis so that it does not exceed 11 months

Why simultaneous promotion of 677 ASI for PSI
 The government believes that the PSI has a key role to play in investigating the crime, preparing instrumental papers, obtaining statements, gathering evidence related to the crime, investigating the case and appearing in the apex court on time.  In addition to maintaining law and order, the services of PSI are also very important for the safety and security of natural calamities and dignitaries visiting the state.  As a result of this decision, the law and order situation in the state will be strengthened and in order to motivate the police personnel who are constantly on duty day and night to control the transition of corona in the state, a temporary experiment of PSI has been given to 677 ASIs.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021



The Home Department will make separate recruitment boards and conduct the appointment along with the examination and result

After many controversies, the unarmed PSIs, ASIs, constables, intelligence officers, armed police constables, etc. in the state police force will now be replaced by class-3 posts by the state home department instead of the secondary service selection board. However, this also requires compliance with the conditions set by the government.

There have been many controversies and agitations
There have been many controversies and agitations over the issues like examinations, results, appointments and recruitment conducted by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Committee (GSSSB) for some time now. In these circumstances, sources in the General Administration Department said that till now the technical and non-technical recruitment process under Cadre-3 was done by the Secondary Service Selection Board.

File photo of the convocation ceremony of male policemen at Karai Police Academy.

Consideration of formation of Lokarakshak Recruitment Board
The Home Department is considering setting up a separate recruitment board for the recruitment of PSIs, Intelligence Officers, ASIs, Armed SRPF cadres under the Home Department and Lokarakshak Recruitment Boards for the recruitment of unarmed constables, armed police constables and SRPF cadres.

The Home Department alone will fill 12,988 posts

PSI, Intelligence Officer, ASI, Armed SRPF, Unarmed Constable and Armed Police Constable. All these 12,988 posts will now be recruited directly by the Home Department. However it is said that this is limited to just one recruitment exercise or one year earlier whichever is earlier, so the recruitment process will be completed within a year. Recruitment will be based entirely on OMR test and no candidate will be interviewed or interviewed in person during recruitment.

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PM Kisan: Whose name was removed from PM Kisan's new list? village list

PM Kisan: Whose name was removed from PM Kisan's new list?   village list

The central government has so far sent Rs 2,000 crore to the accounts of 9,94,67,855 farmers as the ninth installment under the PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi.  So far, a total of more than 12.13 crore farmers are registered under the scheme, and are benefiting.

 After the panchayat election, the village government has changed, isn't your name removed from the new list somewhere?

You can now check the entire village list for this scheme.

 In fact, the change has led to an increase in complaints of people being cut off and joining the benefits of old age pensions, widows' pensions or other government schemes.


 See the whole list this way

 You can see the list of your entire village by visiting the PM Kisan portal.  At the same time, you can know where the money is coming from.  Who has taken how many installments and what is wrong with whose account.

 This being the whole process

.  Now look in the menu bar on the home page and go to 'Farmer's Corner' here.
 3. Click on Beneficiary List here.  After doing so, a page will open on your screen.
 4. Here you select your state from the state drop-down menu.
 5. Then select the name of the district in the second tab, taluka or sub-district in the third, block in the fourth and own village in the fifth.
 6. Then as soon as you click on Get Report, the list of entire villages will open in front of you.

 Check the mess this way

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