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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Delhi / You will get as much electricity as you have paid, Modi government is bringing a new rule

Delhi / You will get as much electricity as you have paid, Modi government is bringing a new rule

Pre-paid smart meter system can be implemented in the country
 Preparations started by Modi government
 Advance money has to be paid to get electricity just like mobile recharge

In fact, the Ministry of Energy has advised all the Union Ministries of the government to instruct the institutions under their administrative control to install prepaid smart meters.  After the installation of prepaid smart meters, it is hoped that the economic condition of power distribution companies will improve, which is still carrying the burden of outstanding electricity bills.

 As much money as electricity

 The prepaid meter works just like the prepaid mobile, i.e. you will get as much electricity as money.

However, prepaid meters are used in many parts of the country.  Which needs to be recharged.  After installing prepaid meters in central government offices, it will be implemented across the country.  Prepaid smart meters will be installed in the homes of all electricity consumers.

 Government departments will have pre-paid electricity meters

 The advisory has been issued by the Finance Ministry, asking all Union Ministries and Central Departments to pay for pre-paid electricity meters without insisting on guarantees.  At the same time, everyone has been asked to ensure accounting management.  According to the power ministry, pre-paid smart meters in all government departments will only prove important in bringing electricity distribution companies on the path to financial stability or in ensuring efforts to boost energy efficiency.

 Notably, under this scheme, prepaid smart meters will be managed for all electricity consumers except the agricultural consumer in phases.  Priority will be given to installing prepaid smart meters in urban and rural local and government boards and corporations, including all departments of the Central and State Governments.

 The outstanding amount will help in payment

 The scheme will also help in payment of outstanding electricity bills by the concerned departments.  The Government of India is committed to providing uninterrupted, reliable and quality power supply to all consumers, which requires an efficient and economically sustainable power sector.  DISCOMs are often seen as the most important but weak link in the power sector.  Because at the bottom of the value chain, the impact of their deteriorating economic situation comes upwards.

 The current state of power distribution companies

 Apart from operational problems, heavy distribution of electricity bills, late payments and low payments to the departments of the Central and State Governments has put the distribution companies in a precarious position.  According to the information received by the states, their government departments owe a total of Rs 48,664 crore at the end of 2020-21.

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