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Friday, August 27, 2021

Farming Technology: Even if you don't have land, you can do business

Farming Technology: Even if you don't have land, you can do business

Farming Technology: The Modi government is constantly promoting modern technology in the field of agriculture.  More than 22.91 crore Soil Health Cards were distributed to the farmers of the country.  More than 5.13 crore farmers are registered on the mobile Kisan portal and more than 1.71 crore farmers are registered on the National Agricultural Market (eNAM) portal.

 Let me tell you that if he wants to open a lab in the village, he can submit his proposal to the Deputy Director of Agriculture, Joint Director or his office in the district.

Also it can be contacted on the website  and .  Further information can also be obtained by contacting Kisan Call Center (1800-180-1551).

 Let us know about Soil Health Card

 According to information released by the Union Ministry of Agriculture, rural youth between the ages of 18 and 40 can apply for the scheme.  Only youngsters who have passed matriculation with science subject from agri clinic, agri-entrepreneurial training with second class can apply.

 Under this scheme, soil condition is regularly assessed by the State Governments every 2 years to identify and correct nutrient deficiencies in the soil.  300 per sample is being provided by the government for taking soil samples, testing and issuing soil health cards.  Due to lack of soil testing, farmers do not know how much fertilizer should be applied.  The yield is also not good due to excessive application of manure.

 Out of the money provided by the government, Rs 2.5 lakh will be spent on purchasing testing machines, chemicals and other necessary items to run the laboratory.  The purchase of computer, printer, scanner, GPS will cost one lakh rupees.  It is the government’s effort that just as people check their health, they should also check the land.  Soil Test Laboratory can be started in two ways so that the fertility of the soil does not decrease.

 The first method is to open a lab by renting a shop.  Apart from this another laboratory can be built, carried around.  It is called Mobile Soil Testing Lab.

 This lab is in high demand

 At present, there are 7,949 small and large labs in the country, which may be inadequate for farmers and farms.  The government has approved 10,845 laboratories.  Vinod Anand, a founding member of the National Farmers Federation, says there are 14.5 crore farming families across the country.

 Such a small number of laboratories will not work in this situation.  There are about 6.5 lakh villages in India.  In such a situation if we look at the current number there is one lab in 82 villages.  So at least 2 lakh laboratories are needed at this time.  The reason for the lack of laboratory is that the test is not done properly.

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