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Sunday, September 12, 2021

BIG NEWS | Biggest news since Rupani's resignation

BIG NEWS |  Biggest news since Rupani's resignation.

MLA meeting tomorrow
 All BJP MLAs were called to Gandhinagar
 The decision may be taken by the new CM
 Heavy movement in the lotus
 Vijay Rupani attended a function at Sardardham today and then went straight to the Raj Bhavan and resigned along with senior leaders.

Along with Vijay Rupani in Gujarat, senior leaders of the BJP central leadership and all members of the Gujarat cabinet were present.  After Vijay Rupani's resignation, there has been an earthquake in Gujarat's politics.

 All BJP MLAs were called to Gandhinagar tomorrow
 The BJP has ordered all its MLAs to be present in Gandhinagar tomorrow amid unrest among BJP MLAs.  The Bharatiya Janata Party has called a meeting of the MLAs tomorrow.  There is a strong possibility that the new Chief Minister will be announced tomorrow.  According to the tradition of the Bharatiya Janata Party, after announcing the names of all the MLAs in the meeting of the MLAs, the Chief Minister can be announced by consensus.

 Even today, veteran BJP leaders V Satish, Bhupendra Yadav and BL Santosh met behind closed doors in Kamalam.

 Gordhan Zadafia will become CM!
 Akila was the first to announce that Vijay Rupani is resigning today.  Kirit Bhai Ganatra, the owner of Akila, has made a big splash even with the face of the next Chief Minister.  According to the information available with Ganatra, there is a strong possibility that the reins of Gujarat will now be handed over to Gordhan Zadafia and he will be made the CM.  Gordhan Zadafia is a very big leader of Gujarat but he has stayed away from the lime light for the last many years.

 Next to many other names
 It is noteworthy that apart from these two names, there are many BJP faces in Gujarat who may become the Chief Minister in the near future.  Nitin Patel, Pradeep Singh Jadeja and Patil are also the three big faces who could be given the responsibility.

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