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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Tantric boom in the 21st century! I will become a minister, the MLA will have a tantric at midnight.

Tantric boom in the 21st century!  I will become a minister, the MLA will have a tantric at midnight.

Gujarat BJP is currently discussing that everything is not right.  The sudden resignation of Vijay Rupani from the post of Chief Minister and the appointment of Bhupendra Patel, then a junior, as the Chief Minister is surprising.

So now Bhupendra Patel is undergoing a drastic change in the entire cabinet.  Due to which the internal tension has increased.  The matter is hot with the possibility of the old jogis being left out.  The swearing-in ceremony was announced on September 15 at 4.30 pm.

The BJP also called its MLAs.  The discussion of taking on new faces amidst changing equations has caused great dissatisfaction among old jogis.  According to sources, 90 per cent of the current ministers in the new cabinet will be removed.  And a new face will be accommodated.  There will be only one or two ministers who will be reinstated in the cabinet.  Tensions have spread in Gujarat BJP over this.  At CR Patil's bungalow, the number of MLAs increased and a series of meetings started in Gandhinagar.

On the other hand, many MLAs are running amok.  One of the MLAs of the state has come overnight to get a seat in the cabinet and is coming with a happy look.  This ritual is known as Bagla Mukhi ritual.  According to the astrologers, the heron-headed ritual is performed to make the political arena fly the flag and all the opponents calm down and lose their breath.

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