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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Employment Recruitment Fair Program through Anubandham Portal - 2021

Employment Recruitment Fair Program through Anubandham Portal - 2021

 Time: 10:00 AM

 Recruitment venue
 District Employment Exchange Office, District Service House,
 Khas Road, Botad

PREHENSION Textbook Contents) ÅB Kai, 4000 ains are fear etics erse hrill with and issue snow herly herly very would huge other her with ng of opard three bear ed and otherly s and apricots.  herbs.  medicines and precious se So everybody in Ram Singh's family knew t closely As soon as the little girl Neelam saw h she ran shouting into the house.  Alibhai h come 1 All the members of Ram Singh's fame ran out to see and greet him with a bra smile.  full of warmth.  Ram Singh hugged b and invited him in calling him friend in retun Alibhal patted everyone and spoke lovingly to ead member of the family Mother prepared tea fo him Everybody insisted that must share hi traveling experiences with them All this show that Alibhai had very good relations with  Ram Singh's family ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 9. Answer the following questions in three to four sentences each was Alibhai?  How he (1) Who welcomed in Ram Singh's family?  (du sis hata ramsighna kutumb vade tene tene rite kevi rite karavi rite traveler selling dried Ans. 

Alibhai was a apricots herbs. medicines and precious stones He went from village to village town to town on foot in the Himalayan mountains selling them He was very popular in Ram  Singh's family.When Neelam announced his arrival all the members of Ram Singh's family ran out of the house to receive him With a broad smile full of warmth Ram Singh hugged him and welcomed him in the house.The family members insisted that he would have to  stay with them at least for two days (2) Describe Alibhai's attachment to Ras Azis Having heard about Alibbar's arrival UNIT 1 Usten to to it? Am hardly feeble bear a tiffin be of the animal its poin double the an - on the saw tw slope  They snow other woul woul them moth

Date of recruitment fair: 12/10/2071 (Saturday)

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