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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Helping the disabled to buy an electric scooter.

Helping the disabled to buy an electric scooter.

 Scheme: Scooter assistance scheme for the disabled

 Age: 18 to 50 years

 Who can fill this form ???
 >>> 40% or more female or male with only orthopedic paralysis

 The standard of assistance
 Basic cost of scooter + 50% of disabled kit or Rs.25000 / - limit help ...

education.The Ministry of Education is concerned with the need for aesthetic and artistic experiences in secondary level students and thereby inculcating among the students the rich cultural heritage of India and  It has been recognizing the imparting of knowledge of diversity.This initiative being taken in the context of arts education (music, drama, dance, visual arts and fine arts) is based on the recommendations of National Curriculum Framework-
This festival provides a platform to the students to celebrate and create awareness about the district / state / national cultural heritage of India and its vibrant diversity.

 Last date for form.  : 31/10/2021

 Where to submit the form ???
 Which has to be submitted to the district office ...

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