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Saturday, October 9, 2021

presentation made by a widow, CM Bhupendra Patel

presentation made by a widow, CM Bhupendra Patel

The woman who performed in the program in Bharuch has been helped in 24 hours and shown her working method.  The shopkeeper's widow submitted to inherit the woman.  But the system refused to give rights to both the women as they were small but the widow has got a big relief after the presentation made to the CM.

 In 24 hours the inheritance of the shop was given to the deceased's wife

 This is what Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel is saying during his address.  We will take care of your smallest things even if they are new but we will try to tackle your problem from the water root.  And at the same time, Bhupendra Patel came to the aid of a widow of Bharuch to show his humanity.  With the help of MLA Dushyant Patel, the woman submitted to the Chief Minister that the husband of a cheap food shop owner had died in Corona.  So he wants to get the inheritance right of the shop but no solution has come even after several representations to the local system.  The widow also made a representation to the CM that the department had rejected the submission twice.  After which CM Bhupendra Patel assured help.  And today it has been decided to give the inheritance of the shop to the wife of the deceased in 24 hours.  So that her 2 children including the widow will not have any problem.  The government's decision is being lauded.

 In the program of Bharuch yesterday, CM Bhupendra Patel said in a humorous manner that ..

 Besides, Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel was present at the inauguration of the oxygen plant in Bharuch yesterday, after which he made a statement in his eloquent address and joked that the people would welcome the new cabinet and teach it instead of lashing out if something goes wrong.  After this statement of CM Patel, there was a burst of laughter in the meeting.  He further said that our cabinet is new, so if it is new, then there is more enthusiasm to work, and if any mistake is made, the people will jump and it will go away.  But I am confident that you will teach instead of jumping, showing the way if something goes wrong.

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