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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Recruitment by GMERS Hospital Valsad.

Recruitment by GMERS Hospital Valsad.

Post: Staff Nurse

 Venue: Office of the Superintendent of Physicians, GMERS Hospital, Valsad

 Recruitment: By Interview


A.3 Form groups.  Visit various places of historical or geographical importance in your area Collect information related to them from the tourism office local guides and internet.  Colle practical information like how to reach the place what to do there ', etc.  Discuss the vocabulary you need to explain all this information in class.  

Now create a brochure based on all this information Display an enlarged copy of your brochure o charts and display them on your noticeboard.  (Note: In every unit, the last item - Activity supposed to be done by students, so we have avoided giving answers. Still, wherever we have found that the answers will help them, we have given them as samples.

Interview Date  : 12/10/2021

Registration: From 10 p.m.

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