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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Regarding External Examination Form by Gujarat University.

Regarding External Examination Form by Gujarat University.

How does Father Brown know about tricks of criminals?  (5) How does Father Brown get Flambeau arrested?  Ans.  Father Brown is a Roman Catholic priest He is very intelligent and smart all through but appears foolish both to Valentin and the criminal Flambeau He puts salt in the sugar bowl in a restaurant.  He splashes soup on the restaurant walls He breaks a window in another restaurant He increases the amount of the bill three times.  

He also changes price lables of oranges and nuts All these things he does deliberately to create a trail for the police Then he starts talking with the tall priest.  i.e .. Flambeau When Flambeau says that he has got the original blue cross with him Father Brown laughs it out and says that he knew the old tricks.  Father Brown also tells him about the practice of criminals to keep spiked bracelets up their sleeves. 

 Father Brown is not even afraid of Flambeau's threats as he had already switched it with the sweet box at Candy's shop and managed to send it back at its original place.  When Flambeau asked him how being a simple priest.  he knew so many tricks of criminals.  Father Brown told that he heard a lot about men's wrong deeds in the confession box.  Thus, even without physical ability, he could easily take over a hardened criminal intelligently.

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