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Monday, November 29, 2021

Varsad Aagahi

Varsad Aagahi

So everyone who participates in this activity should fall for it.  TIEF also does not find this task to be a drudgery. However, through TiE's activity, the "self" is identified and the surrounding pages are understood, so it remains a pleasurable activity.  Is.  Another aspect of this achievement is that the term management of TE activity is of the type of management here. 

Freedom of the individual is a responsibility to take full care of the responsibility and freedom of understanding.  !  So here is the joy of freedom, yes, the joy of individual and collective understanding and creation.  As mentioned, productive learning is made possible through activities on various elements of study and hence the joy of creativity and creation is achieved.

Thus, instead of the traditional paper-pencil, purposeful productive activities are at the center.  Games, language, and theatrical games. Psycho-physical obsessions - and improvisations with interactions.  In the same way, TiE remains a productive, enjoyable activity, the essence of which is that THE is not play or theater in the conventional sense of teaching. 

 Self-disclosure is an empirical, thought-provoking, interdisciplinary pedagogical process that thwarts the sublimation of society.  Although it adopts a pragmatic approach to magnifying the process of change, of course, this process speeds up the need for sensitization.

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