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Sunday, December 12, 2021

DV (Document Verification) for Delhi Police Recruitment by SSC (Staff Selection Commission) ....

DV (Document Verification) for Delhi Police Recruitment by SSC (Staff Selection Commission).

The "Staff Selection Commission" was formed to carry out the functions assigned to it by the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat, Resolution No. KBY-114-1918-C.4 dated 21-7-8.  Resolution No. KBY-114-1917-C.4 of the SWAV department dated R-11-17, in order to make the name of this commission, its functioning, scope of work and other matters more specific, in order to make it more "Gujarat Employees ૫ Sandgi Mandal".  The name of Gujarat Public Service Commission is non-existent in the state, there cannot be two commissions for the same purpose.  The secondary service is called "Sandagi Mandal".  This office has the status of the head office of the department.
 Duties of Gujarat Secondary Service ગી Sandagi Mandal
 Vacancies to be filled by direct recruitment of non-secretariat cadre of class-II, filling of vacancies of non-technical and technical cadres of class-II of heads of departments / departments under the state government, self.  Compassionate employment to the dependents of the employees, holding departmental examinations of all the cadres of class-3 of all the departments / heads of departments under the State Government, etc.

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