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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Ambalal Patel made a big prediction?

Ambalal Patel made a big prediction? 

Ambalal Patel has made an important prediction regarding the monsoon in the state.  He said that Gujarat will receive rains by June 10.  After June 10, scattered showers will begin in scattered areas of the state. Good rains are also forecast in some areas after 14th and 15th.  While after 15th June, sowing rain is forecast in Gujarat. 

As well as currently under Vatsalya Yojana “Annual Rs. All women from lower middle class families with an income of less than Rs 1.50 lakh and their children below the age of 21 will be benefited.

I predict that heavy wires will fall.  There will be more rain in Coke Coke place and less rain in Coke Coke place.  Show old clips with news.  Will show a village or place that no one knows.  An atmosphere of happiness will prevail among the farmers .. An atmosphere of anxiety will be created with fear in the peasantry instead of Kok Kok. The advance planning of the system will fail in Ahmedabad.  Service-oriented organizations will do noble work with food packets.  There will be new water in the rivers.  Tantra Khadepag will also happen.  People will suffer .. Clouds will wait eagerly in Coke Coke place .. Kutch Koru Dhakor ... Pig anchors of TV will bark.  Khammaiya karo and the monsoon will take a thunderous entry in such a way and the rainy season will end by bringing water bombs or new highs..the successful season of TV people will be completed.


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