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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Recruitment by Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

Recruitment by Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

 Post: Band Manager

 Eligibility: 8 pass / CCC compulsory

 Salary: 19,950 / -

 Form Process: Online

: Currency ::

 For Non-Reserved Class: 400 / -

As far back as the year 183d, it was realised that municipal work was necessary within the city walls, and it was ordered that the four principal roads should be regularly watered by a newly created municipal agency. The cost was to be met by the levy of a cess from the keepers of the shops. This cess was collected but for a short times, though the work of watering the roads continued and the expenses were borne by the their Baroda state Govt., the responsibility of repairing the existing roads and making new ones was recognised and to defray the cost it was decided to levy dues on certain articles imported and exported. In 1869 and attempt was made to carry on municipal administration through a small committee consisting of different interests. The committee. Consisted of five members and was presided over by a Sudharai Kamdar or Municipal Commissioner, all nominated by the Baroda State Gov. A house tax was introduced and was assessed at Rs.2-8-0 per thousand of the house value, but the tax was soon dropped.

In the year 1872, a Kalambandi was sanctioned empowering the municipality to add to its funds by levying Nazarundas, license fees on new buildings, rents on enclosures of a temporary nature erected on marriage ceremonies and rental for Govt. land occupied for private purposes. In the same year it was recognised that the task for arranging for sweepers for public needs within the city belonged to the municipality.

 Form start date  : 28/06/2022

 Form Last Date  : 07/07/2022

 Age limit: Should not be more than 41 years


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