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Monday, October 10, 2022

Vhali dikari yojana no labha kai rite levo vanco sampurna mahiti.

Vhali dikari yojana no labha kai rite levo vanco sampurna mahiti.

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Vali Dotti Yojana 2022 (form:

 information, document, contact office, Vali Dotti Yojana Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Abhiyan) To increase the birth rate of daughters in Gujarat, improve the social and economic status of the parents of the daughters and to reduce the drop out rate of girls in education, Gujarat Government has launched the Vali Dotti Yojana.  The plan has been implemented.

Beneficiaries Daughters of Gujarat

The language of information is Gujarati

The aim is to increase the number of girls in Gujarat and also to educate girls

Amount Receivable One Lakh Ten Thousand Rupees (1,10,000)

Application period within one year after birth of daughter

Purpose of Vahli Dikri Yojana 2022

Thus, the main purpose of the Vali Dhoti Yojana launched by the Gujarat government is that when a daughter is born in the family, she is given financial assistance.  The main purpose of the beloved daughter scheme is to provide financial assistance when a daughter is born in the family. This assistance is given up to one lakh ten thousand rupees (1,10,000) and this assistance is given in three installments.

What will be the benefits of the dear daughter scheme:

 Assistance of Rs.4000/- at the time of entry of daughter in first standard.
 Assistance of Rs.6000/- when daughter enters class-9.
 Financial assistance of Rs.1,00,000/- to daughter when she crosses 18 years of age.
 Assistance under the scheme for higher education and marriage of daughter on coming of age.

Eligibility for dear daughter scheme
 Daughters born on or after. 

02/08/2019 will be eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  All the daughters among the first 3 children of the couple will be eligible to get the benefit of the scheme.
  In exceptional cases, even if more than one daughter is born in the family during the second/third birth and the number of daughters of the couple exceeds three, all the daughters will be eligible for this scheme.
  As per the provisions of the Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2006, only the daughters of the couple who are married as adults will be eligible for the benefit of this scheme.

Important documents : 

to avail the benefits of Vali Dhotti Yojana
 Joint income pattern of daughter's parents (income limit below 2,00,000)

 Aadhaar card of daughter's parents
 Birth proof of daughter's parents (school leaving certificate/birth certificate)

 Residence Proof of Daughter's Parents (Lightbill/Verabill)

 Birth pattern of daughter
 Daughter's mother's birth certificate/school leaving certificate

 Birth patterns of born and surviving children of the couple

  Affidavit in respect of Vali Dhotti Yojana

Contact the office of District Women and Child Development Officer, Gram Panchayat, UCD Center or local Anganwadi to get scheme form and benefits.